Nov 26, 2006

Just starting out.

So here is my first post.
Everyone seems to have a blog so I guess I must. I am becoming quite a techy with a blog and myspace. Wow!
Having a two year old, being pregnant, and being a kindergarten teacher will make for hard times as far as posting a lot I have a feeling. I am too busy, and when I am not busy, I am crashed on the couch with morning sickness and my trusty barf pan. Fun. My son has started pointing at all of the mommies in his little books and asking if "that mommy's tummy hurts?" I must be using that line too much on him when he wants me to play with him. Oh well, he'll survive it. At the moment he is sitting in his high chair whining for "popcorn" but I won't let him have it because he won't eat his carrots. He has been sitting there playing with them for about a half hour, but hasn't eaten a one yet. He has all of two bites worth.

Oh wonder of wonders! I just looked over at him and he put one in his mouth. I'm winning!

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