Dec 7, 2006


Tired tired tired. I am just worn out from the day. My students were angels last week and so aweful today. I even have one student who frequently likes to poop his pants, so that's a fun a little treat every time he does. He managed to do it again today.

Is it a problem that I am already showing at three and a half months? What will I look like at the end? The Goodyear Blimp. Right now it's cute, but the cute stage is supposed to be two months from now! This is not going to be pretty. I swear at times I can feel something very faint too, that I think is him, but they say I shouldn't be able to feel it yet. Whatever, I know I can feel something there.

Hunter decided it would be a good day today to be a good boy and so I took advantage and blew out some Christmas shopping. We did alright until we left the toy aisle. "MOMMY! LOOK AT TOYS NOW! PLEASE!" So that was a happy little chorus following me around the store until I was done. At least he was willing to sit in the cart the whole time. Usually he wants down, but lately he has been running from me and that is just not OK with me.