Dec 18, 2007

Officially proud parents to a peanut

I took Ainsley and Hunter to the doctor today. Ainsley needed four shots (poor baby). And...Hunter's runny nose is out of control! I was informed we were out of medicines to try. Great. That means I am doomed to a world of snot until I can figure out something that will actually work on his allergies.
In other news, Ainsley is only 13 pounds even and 24 inches. Weighed fully clothed and in warm clothing. And she is 6 months old. He said "no worries, since she is healthy and proportional." How is it that I took her to the doctor 2 months ago and she was 13 pounds 1 ounce fully clothed? We are going backwards. Definately Tone's genes are winning here. Consider this: my brother was only one pound lighter than her when he was BORN! I think we are definately proud parents to a peanut. Though Hunter is not so hefty either at only 33 pounds fully clothed. At this rate, they'll still be in car seats when they're twelve.

Dec 6, 2007

What are you getting for Christmas and other thoughts on Santa

Hunter has decided Santa is bringing him a new car for Christmas. Not a matchbox car...but one he can sit in and is motorized. Not happening. I told him it was too big to fit in his sleigh. Tone asked him what Santa was going to bring Daddy. Hunter said very seriously,"Eggs." Then Tone asked him what Santa was going to bring Mommy. "Just a car Daddy." "A black one." Cool. Tone gets eggs. I get a car.
I know I always write about Hunter, but really, what does a little baby really DO that is worth writing about. Her adorableness can not be described. She just smiles at everyone and sucks her thumb all the time. It must be seen. She just got her two bottom teeth, is just starting rice cereal and applesauce, and can roll all over the place. She loves to grab and chew on toys, and squeals when one is out of reach. She basically just squeals and screeches all the time. For no apparent reason. It really is a pleasant noise. Not. She understands her name, and "Are you hungry? Do you want to eat?" You know, the most important words in her little life. There. That is Ainsley in a nutshell.
Back to thoughts on Santa Claus: I hate him. We are doing him this Christmas. Apparently, it's Tone's favorite Christmas memory. So I guess I won't be a scrooge, and I'm going with it. Cool. I am lying to my child. On another related note, Hunter asked me tonight if Jesus was pretend. Ouch. We had a lengthy discussion about His power and being able to hear and see and be everywhere even when you can't see him. I bought Hunter a veggie tales nativity that we play with, and a bunch of Advent Christmas books. We do advent activities every night, pray to Him every night, read a Bible story every night, and talk about Him all the time (not just this month). But you can't see Him or hear Him, so I don't think Hunter at this point quite believes me. Hunter, Santa...he's fake. Jesus...he's real. But I think Tone wouldn't like it at this point if I told Hunter which one is the fakey. Oh well, many good kids have grown up with Santa without scars, sooo....I'm running with it. Bet you know though who I am emphasizing more this Christmas.

Nov 29, 2007

Eight Feet of Glory Standing in My Living Room

So the Plumb family has been developing some traditions that seem to continue from year to year. We got and put up our tree yesterday. We found it at a great place, but on accident. We were going to go and cut it across town, but Tone thought he saw a sign somewhere else closer, so we tried to find this imaginary place and found another great place a few blocks from home. This brings me to tradition number one: when Tone and I get in the car together, we never drive straight to wherever we are going. It's inevitable, Tone wants to take a shorter route (which isn't) or I read the map wrong. But this tradition led us to a great place!
Tradition number two would be wrangling the tree into our lame, *&%@*, tree stand. Always takes a good hour or so to make sure that the tree will stay up without it falling over right when Tone walks out the door to go to work for 5 days, and I am wrangling it myself (this has happened). Tone refuses every year to buy a new one because that costs money when we have a perfectly good one, and so our year begins with him on the floor with a screwdriver, hammer, etc., while I hold, and hold, and hold the tree up. This tradition doesn't seem to change whether we get a 4 foot tree or an 8 footer. Happens every year. This year after some manufactoring a gadget in the garage for the tree stand (I heard the saw going and some banging), I think we might have it!
Tradition three: We both do the lights, Tone carefully puts on the ornaments and I do the rest of the house decortations. This year I did the decorations the day before and laid the ornament boxes out in the living room. I told Hunter not to touch. He did fine with me there, but then I went to go sub and left Tone home. I walked into ripped ornament boxes. Apparently, Hunter couldn't wait to see them. I don't blame him, they are mostly airplanes, and motorized things that go. I found a tiny hat with bear ears next to the ripped boxes. Somewhere on our tree a bear is missing his ears and hat. We were unable to figure out which ornament that was.
Tradition four: Every year, I let Hunter pick his own ornament, and try to find a unique airplane ornament for Tone. Ainsley got her first Christmas one this year. Half of our ornaments are airplanes and one year will we have enough for two trees - one with all the airplanes! This year, Hunter picked a hotwheels car ornament. I hung it right next to the Dora with the pink tutu that he picked out last year. I pride myself that I let him pick that one out and that I am a good mom and knew that I could ride out his fascination with sparkly pink. See, he did. However, when he is 17, I will be sure to point that one out to his girlfriend.
Which brings me to our last decorating tradition: Super glue. Yes. Usually while Tone is artfully hanging ornaments, I am happily supergluing ornaments back together that didn't survive the last year. This year was no exception. While Hunter and Daddy happily put on ornaments, I was humming to myself and supergluing, heads, feet, wheels, and wings back on our ornaments. We have a lot of plastic ornaments which are made up of tiny parts which fall off frequently. Isn't this a happy family picture? The one exception as I stated above was Hunter's casualty which is missing his ears and hat. I let the two "type A" boys hang the ornaments, because even Hunter started pointing out places that had a hole and needed an ornament. Most kids hang them right around the bottom, but not Hunter. He would stand back, study the tree and tell Daddy where the good spot was. Tall or low. My job: Glue faster. My ornaments where needed.
Today, I woke up to eight feet of glory standing in our living room and more happy tree memories to be contined into the next year.

Nov 27, 2007


Hunter has been napping great. It ended today, and I had to tell him to get back in bed three times. The last time I heard the door open I yelled without looking, "GET BACK IN BED." I heard a small voice say, "I can't Mommy, I have a yoyo stuck to my finger." He came out trailing a yoyo behind him and the loop stuck on his thumb which he had straight up in the air. I was laughing so hard, I really had a hard time getting the string off his little blue thumb.

Nov 20, 2007

Starting a List

Things I won't miss when Hunter turns four:
1. Being woken up in the morning with Hunter sticking a magnifying glass near my eye saying, "AHA! An Eye!"
2. Doing laundry in my bedroom and hearing a loud clunk. I found Hunter with the heavy bar stool pulled all the way down the hallway. He was standing on it, on tiptoes, reaching his craft shelf and pulling down the heavy box of playdough. I caught it just before it/he fell. I didn't realize he had the strength to move it that far.
3. Yesterday I was cleaning up my bedroom and I heard Hunter come crying about smashed finger. He had shut it in the sliding glass door while pulling his trike inside. It was sitting in the middle of the living room floor. He said he wanted to race Ainsley in her race car (which is her walker).
4. I was taking a shower and Hunter said that her race car was broken and there was an accident. I got out and he showed me his toy shelf totally dumped over. "Here is my accident Mommy." His explanation, "Ainsley's car broke when I ran over the pillows and I was trying to get a hammer to fix it, and I pulled the hammer out and the whole shelf fell down." Translation: Hunter was sitting/running in Ainsley's walker, rammed it over Ainsley's boppy pillow, tipped it over, fell out, thought it was broken, went to get his toy hammer to fix it, couldn't get it out of the toy bin, and jerked the shelf over spilling all his toys while trying to get it out.
5. Standing up on top of Ainsley's walker - fully. Ainsley was in it by the way.
6. He ran away from me for the first time in a store. I have him trained to stick right by me. However, I was not interested in visiting the toy car aisle. Hunter had never been in this store. I turned around and he was gone. I found him in the car aisle on the other side of the store. Though we had never been in this store before, he had made a beeline straight for it and couldn't figure out why I didn't know where he was. How he found the aisle since it was in the back corner, I'll never know.
All this happened this week. I think I'll move to Australia. Dr. Dobson lies I think. I read the book "The Strong-Willed Child", have been consistent and firm, and have tried many strategies. Not one has worked yet. Someday....

Things I hope Hunter never outgrows
1. Saying I love you
2. Snuggling with me.
3. His kisses
4. His zest for life
5. His determination
6. His precociousness
7. His willingness to help with anything
8. His imagination

Why, Why, Why?!!!

Obviously Hunter didn't get the idea yesterday. Today, was much worse. Hunter came into my room this morning and I heard Ainsley crying in her crib. He asked if he could say "HI" to her (which I like because he entertains her for a few minutes in the morning). A couple of minutes later, I heard her screaming. I ran in there and found Hunter SITTING in the crib talking happily to her. I think he just scared her getting in. She was fine. I noticed a black streak under his eye.
"Hunter, what is that on your face, that black stuff?" I asked.
"Your stamps Mommy!" I freaked out and ran to the office where I had been scrapbooking the night before. He found my tub of stamps (which had been pushed way back on the desk) and in there was a single black stamp pad about an inch square. Brand new, full of ink. He took it apart and got the sponge out and had a field day. He got handprints on my white chair, all over my other scrapbooking stuff, the floor, and then proceeded to stamp my floor. Neat perfect little squares again. ON THE CARPET! He then stamped his cars, and when that was done, walked all over the house putting handprints on things. He got into the stickers on the counter for going potty and put handprints down the counter. All over his stool (so he could reach the stickers), and on the doorjams to Ainsley's room. I lost it a little bit and marched to his room, spanked him (don't turn me in, it wasn't that hard, just enough to sting a bit), and told him that since he stamped his cars, they were now mine for a long time. Hunter eat, sleeps, and breathes cars, so this was a big deal to him. Again, guess who is staying in his room for the morning? Someday I will break through that will of his. I am more stubborn than he is.
I am selling a cute, devious, 3-year-old boy for cheap. Any takers? No? Oh well, maybe Ainsley will turn out easier.
PS. It was luckily washable ink so it came right up, and Tone says that the paint on the patio wears off fairly quickly. Hunter is systematically destroying my new house. By the way, he never did any of this stuff when we lived in a rental.

Nov 19, 2007

There are no words...

My nice new beautiful patio....ruined by Hunter already. Took him only three days of a finished nice backyard....
I sent him out to play and he found the jar of primer that is used to put PVC pipes together. It's dark, bright purple, quick-drying and doesn't really come off of anything....
I went out and found two neat rows of purple three-year-old handprints going down my patio and a large puddle. I managed to get one row and the puddle mostly up before it dried. The other row....I gotta find something strong to get it up and a lot of prayer. I scrubbed with a wire brush and strong soap for a loooong time.
He is currently sitting in his room for the rest of the day. I put his potty chair in there even. I'm done.
PS. The funny thing is that when it was poured, Tone didn't want them putting their hands in it for resale value. How about purple paint handprints going right up the middle, eh?

Nov 18, 2007


We were eating at Baja Fresh after church, and Tone and I were talking and not really paying attention to Hunter. All of a sudden he looks at us and was super excited and said, "Hey! There's PIRATES in here! LOOK Mommy!" He was turned around and pointed to the people behind us. I am sure they heard him.
Unfortunately, it was actually two middle eastern men with beards and turbans on.
When I explained that it was actually men from another country who wear special hats, he said, "So...are they pirates, or what?"

Nov 15, 2007

I wonder where he learned to talk so grown-up?

So Tone finished laying the sod today. He worked hard until after dark, but we now have a very nice lawn in the back instead of dirt. He was super tired so he went to go take a bath. I told Hunter not to bug him, but of course, he did. I was doing the dishes and didn't hear Hunter, so I knew right where to find him. I went in and found Hunter perched on the edge of the tub in deep conversation with Daddy. Tone said he came in and sat down and was real quiet for a while. Then Hunter said, "So, Daddy, was the airplane ride?"
Has he heard me talk to Daddy like this everyday and was thinking this was the proper way to start a conversation?

Nov 13, 2007

Putting in our backyard

So putting in a backyard with a baby and a three-year-old is a treat. We bought 7 yards of compost dirt that we had to wheel barrow into our backyard and spread. The dirt is black, black, black. Guess what color Hunter has been all week?! FYI: that much dirt is about 100 wheel barrow loads. I had to finish up quite a bit of it yesterday while Tone was gone so that we could lay the sod when he comes back tomorrow. Hunter followed me around with his little wagon while I dumped and spread load after load. He stepped in my piles, on my shovel, ran his wagon over my rake while I was spreading, dumped trash on the dirt, and generally tried to wreck havoc....all the while keeping up a running commentary for me. He carefully arranged trash on my pile right before I went to spread it. He told me he was setting out his "good-night snack" of ice cream and cookies. This is wishful thinking since he never gets one. I asked him to pick it up and he went around saying, "come 'ere litta fella, hey, litta fella." After about 4 hours of this, Ainsley started screaming from her seat on the porch. The neighbors over the back fence were working in their yard too all afternoon. When I told Hunter we were going in, I heard a quiet "Yay!" whispered from behind the fence. I am willing to bet they don't have children, but I felt the same way.
P.S. I heard Hunter giggling with Ainsley and her making happy noises in the other room this evening. My mother's heart was warmed to hear them interacting so nicely. Then I went to see. Hunter was giving Ainsley his little dirty black toe (remember the black dirt from outside?) to suck on and giggling while she happily chewed on it. *sigh* My mother's heart will never be the same.

Nov 3, 2007

A big step

Tone and I were working in the yard putting in trenches for our sprinkler system while Hunter was taking his nap. He opened the door and came out WITH HIS SHOES ON! He announced that he put them on himself (which he had done perfectly). You have no idea why this is such a big day and why I am blogging about it unless you have put shoes on a little kid before. Enough said. I am praying this continues.
PS. As a mom and former kindergarten teacher: Only a moron would buy shoes for children under 7 with laces. Hunter's has velcro.

Sep 5, 2007

last week bisquick, this week water

Hunter discovered the water dispenser on the fridge yesterday morning. My carpet is still wet. I'm not sure what he used to spred it all over the house, but my furniture looked like it had been hosed and his clothes and blankie were dripping. Luckily Tone discovered it before I did and cleaned it up. Hahahaha. His turn.

Sep 2, 2007

What is it with my son and food?

I put a lock on the fridge. Apparently, I need one on the pantry as well. Look at what he did this morning while I was putting on my makeup! (The picture is at the top of my page). He dumped a full box of Bisquick out to dip his "crackers in sugar." The plastic bag was ripped open and every little bit had been dumped out. It was like a sandbox! I almost freaked out, but then I remembered we are changing out this carpet anyways for hard wood. So I just laughed my head off! He is unbelievable

Aug 12, 2007

Rock Hunting (stealing)

I stole rocks yesterday. I had a blast.
I decided that my front yard would look great if I had big rocks in my flower bed. Tone said he wasn't buying rocks when we could take a drive and get them in the mountains for free. Suckers buy rocks. So we went to Bass Lake to play for the day and then looked for rocks on the way back. Who would have thought that it would be so hard?
First of all, to get a rock, you have to find nice sized loose ones. They aren't just laying around on the side of the road. They are usually on the other side of a fence. Also, you have to drive down side roads to find them. People live there and don't like you hopping their fence. Here we are driving really slow (very suspicious) looking for a good rock.
"There's one!"
"Is anybody coming?"
"NO, GO!"
Then we'd stop the car, run up to it, and see if it was loose or liftable. Which many nice ones were not. The highlight of the trip was driving by a house where an old guy saw us coming and got off his porch with a rifle. We were pretty far down a country road at that point. Needless to say, we didn't choose his yard to look for rocks in.
I laughed my head off, and felt like I was in Jr. High going up to a house to toilet paper it. However, I netted myself three good rocks, and they are looking great in my front flower beds. Suckers buy rocks.

Aug 7, 2007

Hunter had a good day!

I write such bad things about Hunter so much on here, that I am actually pleased to write that Hunter had a great day today! I don't expect it tomorrow, but today was great. I never thought I would ever achieve this but....HE PLAYED BY HIMSELF ALL DAY!
Now for those of you who don't get why that is so great, have you ever had a two year old follow you around the house and torment you at every turn until you play with him? I put something away, he takes it out. I try to hang up pictures, he takes my hammer, I take a shower with a two year old's hands and nose pressed up against the glass watching my every move (I tried to lock him out today and he spent the whole time banging on the door shouting at me to let him in. I didn't have a relaxing shower that way either.), ect, ect, ect. I don't want to hear, "OH, DON'T YOU WANNA PLAY WITH MY TRAIN?!" ever again, though I know I will a million more times. I'm sick of his trains, or "chuggas" as he often calls them. He has followed me constantly from the day I got home from the hospital and Ainsley is 2 months old now. This was the first day where I quietly left the room, and he kept playing. It was beautiful.
Not that I don't enjoy my son. The other day, I blew bubbles with him, played in the kiddy pool, and then we quietly sat on our front porch eating popsicles and watching the airplanes fly into the airport (we have a direct view of the flight approach from our house.) At the time, I thought, this the best, and why I became a Mom. We had so much fun. But most days I have things to do, and can't be entertaining him all day. He is soooo persistant and stubborn about not letting me out of his sight in another room. I leave him and usually he cries for me or freaks out. He should be a Daddy's boy I think.

Jul 18, 2007

I'm putting a lock on the fridge

Unbelievable. Hunter has discovered the fridge and has decided it should be his own personal territory.
I was getting ready in the morning and Tone came up the stairs and asked me, "Did you give Hunter ice cream for breakfast?"
"Should I get the camera?" I asked.
"Just go look." He said with a big grin.
I went down the stairs and found Hunter with two open tubs of ice cream on my footstool. He had dished himself up a big bowl, and was thoroughly enjoying his breakfast. "Mommy, I chopped it up, just like you!" He proudly told me. Usually, when I put ice cream in his bowl, I chop it up so he takes small bites and doesn't get brain freeze. He was very proud of the fact that he had dished his own bowl up, just like I do it. I was amazed that he took the time to carefully put it in a bowl.
I took the picture, and took away the ice cream. We had (another) long talk about not getting into the fridge, and I decided that as soon as we move, I was putting a baby lock on the fridge.
I will post the picture as soon as I finish unpacking everything, and have time to upload photos.

Jun 28, 2007

Funniest moment of my week!

I took Ainsley to Fresno to see her Aunt Katie for the first time, since Katie couldn't be here when she was born. I bring Ainsley in, and Katie immediately picks her up and starts talking and cooing at her. Within about a minute I heard a loud ketchup bottle sound. Yep, within a minute of Ainsley meeting her Aunt for the first time, she has her first and only blow-out to date. It went all over Katie's lap and arm. Katie went from being delighted to "GET HER OFF! HELP ME! GET ME SOMETHING NOW!" I was laughing so hard, that it was really difficult for me to move because I was doubled up laughing on the floor. This is going in the baby book.

Jun 27, 2007

packing with a two year old (not recommended)

Would you like to hear the latest horror stories of a two-year-old unattended? The newborn is OK. I pack when she sleeps (which is a lot). However, I try to pack with Hunter, and it's a different story.
First thing he did yesterday was he told me he was going to play outside. That's fine, he sits on the front steps with his cars and sidewalk chalk and makes roads. He came back a couple of minutes later with his hands covered in black. "Mommy, I played in the water, and it was dirty!" Just so the person reading this knows, we don't have water out front. "Hunter, show me the water you were playing and don't touch anything!" I said. Immediately when I said don't touch anything, he ran his hands down the wall making big black streaks. I grabbed his hands, held them up high, and said, "Show me the water right now!" I was so mad! He proceeded to show me the big oil drip in the driveway he had been playing in. Thankfully, his hands and the wall washed right up, but he didn't get to play outside anymore.
A couple minutes after that, he said, "Mommy, I'm hungry." I told him, "OK, let me finish this box and I will get you something to eat." I told him to take a toy and put it away downstairts, but it took a little longer than it should. I assumed he was playing. Nope, he comes up the stairs with his bib on, a plastic spoon he had fished out of the drawer, and a yogurt container that he had gotten out of the fridge. He had opened the door, climbed up on the produce drawers, and pulled it down off a high shelf. I got after him, but luckily, no harm was done.
Then he told me he wanted juice. I couldn't find his no-drip cup, so I put it in another sippy cup since he hasn't dumped out his drink in months. He came up and told me had been "painting" with his juice. I gasped, and said, "show me where, Hunter!" He had completely spread his apple juice all over the seat of my rocker and my footstool. He was disciplined for this one, and also told he couldn't have his drink anymore unless he was strapped into his chair.
Then later, he told me that he was helping me "color the boxes" and brought me a purple marker. Luckily, he had just colored on the boxes and no where else. He was told only Mommy can color the boxes. I also discovered his "coloring on some other documents on the table. Luckily, they were not that important.
Later, he told me he wanted pizza. I told him we had to walk and go pick up the car (which was in the shop close to our house), and then we would get some afterwards, if he did a good job walking with me. While I was getting the stroller together, Hunter informed me he was already eating pizza. I walked in to the kitchen to discover he had again gotten into the fridge (again using the produce drawers to get up high), pulled a pizza box down from off the top shelf, and had all the leftover slices on the floor, and was squatting there eating them.
Between all these incidences, Ainsley was fussy, and I was trying everything to get her to settle down so I could get some work done. But as soon as she would fall asleep, Hunter would go and pat her head, get in her face, or almost drop something on her. She would wake up, I woud get after Hunter, and it would start all over again. At one point I was trying to pack with her in the front pack, but that didn't really work out either, but at least she was safe from her brother. If I wasn't so persistently stubborn, I would have given up on getting anything done yesterday. As it is though, I did manage (by working until after midnight) to get the bathrooms, Hunter's room, and half of my room done. Yes, I feel like supermom today.

Jun 21, 2007

First fight between siblings

Well, Hunter has gotten really mad at his sissy now. Last night I drove to Santa Cruz for a birthday party and while we were going through slow stop lights, Ainsley decided it would be a good time to cry. Hunter started shouting at her, "Be quiet Ansley, listen to the music!" He had his kid songs CD on. He thought that would help her. "Mommy, Ansley is not being quiet. Ansley, stop crying! I can't hear my moosic. Mommy!" Then he reached over and started trying to shake her carseat (we have it in too tight for that to work out well for him.) It was good times. One kid yelling, and the other crying.
We were driving again today and she decided to cry for a couple of minutes, but the added problem was that Hunter was also choosing to throw a fit at the same time. He wanted something that I had in the front seat. Ainsley crying made him cry more, but I couldn't figure out why. The he yelled, "Ansley can't cry, it's my turn to cry Mommy. Ansley can't cry too, because I was crying FIRST!" Then he started sobbing and yelling at her, "Be quiet Ansley, it's my turn to cry! Mommy make her BE QUIET! It's my turn!" At this point I started laughing really hard. There might have been a bit of hysteria in there, but I thought his reasoning was extremely funny. Plus, I knew both would live, since I had just fed Ainsley and she would fall alseep soon, and Hunter would get over his fit. Plus, I think I am over the frantic Mom phase when your kids cry. I figure, "Oh well, they'll live." Especially if I can't fix it. If you were a fly on the wall of my Jeep, however, you might wonder how well I'm holding up with the adult in the vehicle laughing really hard at two kids cry/yelling in the back seat.

Jun 19, 2007

I bought Hunter a stool

I bought Hunter a stool so that he could get into his big bed by himself as it is pretty high for him. It didn't take him more than a day to figure out that stools could be used for more than just getting into bed. He carries that thing everywhere that he needs just a couple more inches to get into something We have been finding that the kitchen is no longer safe because he has...his STOOL. Every morning he gets up before us and takes his stool down the stairs and finds more things to get into. Yesterday it was candy pushed way back on the counter. Today it was a chip bag and my ceramic kitchen bowl was on the floor. The candy was for when he goes potty in his potty chair. He came upstairs and we could tell he had been into it. Daddy asked him,"did you go potty?" "No, didn't Daddy! But I ate candy!" Today he also had stickers stuck all over his front that we give him when he goes potty. They were also up on the counter. I have decided the stool was a bad idea. I did not give him enough credit.
He also tattletells on himself. He lets us know when he has done something wrong, and when I come home, he lets me know that Daddy put him on timeout and why. I am not sure why he does this, but he sure is serious when he tells me. Today he told me quite a story about it.
"Mommy, I was helping Daddy in the garage and I went waaaaaay to far. Daddy said stop. I was on my poppity pop pop bike with the happy face. I didn't stop. I went all the way to the yellow car. Daddy got mad. I had to go timeout. Then I didn't have a happy face anymore. It was a grouch face like this."
Whether this is true or not, I don't know, but it was hard to keep a straight face while he was telling me.

Jun 10, 2007

Embarrassing moments with two children

Hunter has made for some funny moments with this new baby.
Grandmom Pate was giving Ainsley a bath and Hunter was on a stool watching intently. Suddenly, he goes, "OH! Where's her pee pee?!" He doesn't understand the difference between a boy and a girl and thought that she was broken. Send her back and get a fixed one!
Then that night I was nursing her and I had my nursing pads out and sitting next to me. Hunter comes up, and says "I have to blow my nose." He picked up the nursing pad, blew his nose on it, and then took it to Rick. "Here," he said giving it to him, "throw this away for me!" Rick didn't know what to do with it, and told him to give it back to me. Privacy goes right out the window with kids and a baby!

Jun 9, 2007

A little girl!

What a difference a repeat C-section is! I was scheduled for a 7:30am delivery so I had to be there at 5:30am. I went in and we were laughing and joking with the nurses and the anethesiologist while they were putting the spinal tap in. It was all very low-key and fun and exciting! I was not in a haze this time from two days of labor, so I was very alert and aware of everything. Tone came in they had her out in a couple of minutes. The anesthesiologist says, "It's a...?" and the doctor says, "Girl!" Tone and I both split a grin when we heard that and of course I cried. We were both so surprised. I guess we both secretly thought we were getting a boy. She was born at 7:50am.
The next surprise was how small she was. We both expected another large rolly polly baby after Hunter, and at 6 lb, 13.6 oz, she is a peanut! Only 18 inches long. She looks to me just like Tone's nieces, and definately looks more like him than me. She is so quiet! She never cries. Maybe little wimpers. When she was getting shots, she actually smiled at the nurses. She sleeps really well at night, and doesn't spit up either. We can't believe how good she is! Hunter was a major crier and spit up EVERYTHING, so this is very different. I call her Lil Miss Sunshine. My sis, Krista calles her a dud, since she doesn't do anything. I'll take it. I know what the opposite is!

Jun 2, 2007

June 5th - it's official C-section day!

Tuesday, June 5th = BABY DAY!!!!!!!!
All I have to say is....Yippee Ki Yay! I am so ready to meet this little person....whoever it is......

May 27, 2007

baby name change and those dratted Stover genes

Tone informed me yesterday that he wasn't so sold on the name Oliver anymore. So I'm glad the baby wasn't born last week, or it may have been saddled with a name that Tone now isn't as thrilled with. Now he wants Connor. So after nine months of one name, we have a last minute switcharoo. Fine with me. My mom and Rick are pretty happy with that. Actually they hated Oliver so they are thrilled. People either loved or hated the name. But Connor is a little more common and normal, so I think it's better. The girl name Ainsley is still a go though. We are set on that.
And speaking of not being born last week, I don't think I have a hope and a prayer of ever going into labor on my own (or at least early). Therefore, I can plan the C-section. Stover genes = big baby with big heads that never get born. I am pretty sure this is another big one with another big head. The round head shape was pretty clear to me on the last ultrasound. Yep, we are the family of fat heads where the mothers dread the thought of labor. But Stover wives don't have to worry about labor because we don't go into it anyways. the babies are too big and fat. The babies have to be forced out one way or another. So my sisters, and afraid....I married the tiniest man on earth. If anyone had a prayer of having small children, it was me. Apparently those Stover genes are very strong!

May 2, 2007

I swore I would never cry wolf and did

I swore I wouldn't be one of those over eager women who go to the hospital a million times because they can't tell real labor from the fake. Yeah, so I went to the hospital today and was sent home. I swore I was going into labor. Six weeks early no less. Did I have regular contractions? Did I have major cramping? Yes, yes, yes. For twelve hours and all the way to the hospital. What happens the second I get hooked up to the monitors? It goes away for a whole hour. They sent me home. There was nothing happening worth speaking of.
What happens when I get back home? It comes back. Will I be going back? NOOOOO. Too embarrassing. I'll wait until my water breaks or something or the contractions get super strong. I love the guess-work here. Yuck. I either want to be in labor or not. This just stinks. I don't know what's up. I hope this guess work doesn't go on for weeks. The suspense will kill me. At least the nurses believed me. They told me I must have been dehydrated (which I don't even know how that could happen with the amount I drink lately.) On another note, I could definately tell the baby dropped this morning. I was walking fine last night, and this morning, the best I could do was waddle, because I could feel it's little head very low.

Apr 18, 2007

Jesus, the fish

Jesus, Hunter's fish died today. He did not resurrect as he went down the toilet, so apparently he was misnamed, or we need to wait 3 days. Hunter was not sad, but really excited to tell me about it. We are not sure if he was sick, or if it was because Hunter was playing in his water when Tone found him dead. Good thing fish are cheap pets to replace.

Apr 16, 2007

Funny happenings

Funny happenings journalled from each month:
Hunter got his first pet. A fish. When the lady at the checkout counter wanted to know what it's name was, he said "Jesus." I have never laughed so hard.
However, now we have a fish named Jesus that we say hello and goodbye to when we leave and enter the house.

Beginning lessons on racism 101: Hunter's favorite color is black. Black car. Black train. Black dog, etc. Last week he said, "Daddy, Ah'm ah Bwack boy!" Daddy cracks up, "No you're a little white boy." Now Hunter introduces himself by saying, "Ah'm a white boy!" Yeah, he's pretty fly.
Hunter woke me up this morning by crawling up on my stomach to tell me, "Mommy, I ate Choc-lllett!" Very proud with a huge grin! With his mouth full of it. I came downstairs to find lots of silver wrappers lying around, and not a hint left of any of my valentines chocolate. He had to climb onto the table to get it. He ate it all at 7:30 in the morning and was very proud of himself. I am feeling very deprived. March:
Activity of the day (not by my choice): Finding snails in the backyard with Hunter. He won't touch them, "They're too scare-wy!" With a huge grimace on his face and shaking his fists tight. "No, I don't touch it! You get it!" But they are also, "AWWWW, SO CWUTE MOMMY!" I fail to see the attraction or cuteness factor that he sees. But we must spend hours finding them apparently. Welcome to boyhood!

Apr 2, 2007

Flying with a two year old

FOR THREE LONG HOURS! Try it some time on a plane. It's loads of fun.
I found out these tips on a recent plane trip to Denver and will now enlighten the rest of the population who may make the same mistakes.
Things you should not do with a two year old on a plane (which I have learned now, but did not do):
1. Check the car seat. ALWAYS take it on the plane so that you can strap the little guy down. There must be a restraint. Don't try to keep a regular buckle on a two year old. Hunter found out it made a cool snapping sound when you pulled the latch back, and snap, snap, snap for hours can drive you nuts!
2. Take him on the plane during his most active part of the day. The better idea would be to plan the flight around his nap time. I mean, who really wants to keep up a conversation with a 2 year old for 3 hours?
3. Take the window seat. The kid will be crawling all over you to see out. Hunter was impressed every time he looked out the window that the wings were still on the airplane and pointed them out every time! "LOOK, Dares de wing agin!" OR he will be pointing at the lady across the aisle saying "Whats dat lady doing Mommy? Oh, shhh, be quiet, she's sweeping! She snores."
4. Assume your DVD player works. Test it first. Ours apparently died and the sensor no longer reads DVDs, so guess who became the entertainment, but still had to lug the DVD player around in her backpack?
5. Depend on the DVD player to be your main source of entertainment. Should it die (see above rule), you have no other toys and have no other choice but to endlessly sing fingerplays and songs instead the whole time.
6. Forget to go to the bathroom before you get on. Because then you have to take the two year old in with you. Ever try to fit yourself in a dirty plane bathroom? Now add a two year old who likes to touch EVERYTHING and whose favorite line is "Whas dat? What dat doing Mommy?" as he touches it. Very loudly. And if he is in the process of being potty trained, he will also want to discuss (very loudly of course), what YOU are doing as you go to the bathroom. "Oh, dat's lots of potty Mommy, good job! NO POOPS!" Plane bathrooms, FYI, are not sound proof.
7. Only get one pretzel bag. Not near enough for a hungry two year old.
I believe that is about it. The excitement Hunter had to fly quickly wore off. After about an hour and a half into a three hour flight, Hunter informed me, "I'm aw done Mommy, I get off now!" No son, this nightmare isn't over yet.

Jan 23, 2007

Hunter's First Time Out

Hunter had a time out at daycare today (his first there). Discussing it with him was hilarious, though I tried to be very serious. It went something like this:
"Hunter what happened today outside?"
"Nuffing." (nothing)
"Hunter what did you do with the sand?"
"Soan-na said No no!" (Sonja said no no)
"Hunter what did you do? "
"Hunter in sand!"
"Hunter where did you put the sand?"
"On Bwennen." (on Brennan)
"Where else Hunter?"
"On Ewizbet." (on Elizabeth)
"Did you put it down their shirts?"
"Yes! Funny, mommy! (giggle giggle)"
"No that's not funny Hunter, did you have to go inside?"
"Hunter, are you going to do it again?"
"Yes, Hunter put sand on Bwennan, Funny!"
"No, you're not going to do it again or you won't get to play anymore again. Are you going to do it again?"
"Yes, put sand on Ewizbet."
"No, Hunter! you need to be nice!"
"Ok mommy."
"Are you going to do it again?"
"I do nuffing Mommy!"

Hunter thought that what he did was hilarious, and wanted to discuss what happened thoroughly. Any time he gets in trouble he has to discuss it thoroughly afterwards. So funny!