Jan 23, 2007

Hunter's First Time Out

Hunter had a time out at daycare today (his first there). Discussing it with him was hilarious, though I tried to be very serious. It went something like this:
"Hunter what happened today outside?"
"Nuffing." (nothing)
"Hunter what did you do with the sand?"
"Soan-na said No no!" (Sonja said no no)
"Hunter what did you do? "
"Hunter in sand!"
"Hunter where did you put the sand?"
"On Bwennen." (on Brennan)
"Where else Hunter?"
"On Ewizbet." (on Elizabeth)
"Did you put it down their shirts?"
"Yes! Funny, mommy! (giggle giggle)"
"No that's not funny Hunter, did you have to go inside?"
"Hunter, are you going to do it again?"
"Yes, Hunter put sand on Bwennan, Funny!"
"No, you're not going to do it again or you won't get to play anymore again. Are you going to do it again?"
"Yes, put sand on Ewizbet."
"No, Hunter! you need to be nice!"
"Ok mommy."
"Are you going to do it again?"
"I do nuffing Mommy!"

Hunter thought that what he did was hilarious, and wanted to discuss what happened thoroughly. Any time he gets in trouble he has to discuss it thoroughly afterwards. So funny!