Apr 18, 2007

Jesus, the fish

Jesus, Hunter's fish died today. He did not resurrect as he went down the toilet, so apparently he was misnamed, or we need to wait 3 days. Hunter was not sad, but really excited to tell me about it. We are not sure if he was sick, or if it was because Hunter was playing in his water when Tone found him dead. Good thing fish are cheap pets to replace.

Apr 16, 2007

Funny happenings

Funny happenings journalled from each month:
Hunter got his first pet. A fish. When the lady at the checkout counter wanted to know what it's name was, he said "Jesus." I have never laughed so hard.
However, now we have a fish named Jesus that we say hello and goodbye to when we leave and enter the house.

Beginning lessons on racism 101: Hunter's favorite color is black. Black car. Black train. Black dog, etc. Last week he said, "Daddy, Ah'm ah Bwack boy!" Daddy cracks up, "No you're a little white boy." Now Hunter introduces himself by saying, "Ah'm a white boy!" Yeah, he's pretty fly.
Hunter woke me up this morning by crawling up on my stomach to tell me, "Mommy, I ate Choc-lllett!" Very proud with a huge grin! With his mouth full of it. I came downstairs to find lots of silver wrappers lying around, and not a hint left of any of my valentines chocolate. He had to climb onto the table to get it. He ate it all at 7:30 in the morning and was very proud of himself. I am feeling very deprived. March:
Activity of the day (not by my choice): Finding snails in the backyard with Hunter. He won't touch them, "They're too scare-wy!" With a huge grimace on his face and shaking his fists tight. "No, I don't touch it! You get it!" But they are also, "AWWWW, SO CWUTE MOMMY!" I fail to see the attraction or cuteness factor that he sees. But we must spend hours finding them apparently. Welcome to boyhood!

Apr 2, 2007

Flying with a two year old

FOR THREE LONG HOURS! Try it some time on a plane. It's loads of fun.
I found out these tips on a recent plane trip to Denver and will now enlighten the rest of the population who may make the same mistakes.
Things you should not do with a two year old on a plane (which I have learned now, but did not do):
1. Check the car seat. ALWAYS take it on the plane so that you can strap the little guy down. There must be a restraint. Don't try to keep a regular buckle on a two year old. Hunter found out it made a cool snapping sound when you pulled the latch back, and snap, snap, snap for hours can drive you nuts!
2. Take him on the plane during his most active part of the day. The better idea would be to plan the flight around his nap time. I mean, who really wants to keep up a conversation with a 2 year old for 3 hours?
3. Take the window seat. The kid will be crawling all over you to see out. Hunter was impressed every time he looked out the window that the wings were still on the airplane and pointed them out every time! "LOOK, Dares de wing agin!" OR he will be pointing at the lady across the aisle saying "Whats dat lady doing Mommy? Oh, shhh, be quiet, she's sweeping! She snores."
4. Assume your DVD player works. Test it first. Ours apparently died and the sensor no longer reads DVDs, so guess who became the entertainment, but still had to lug the DVD player around in her backpack?
5. Depend on the DVD player to be your main source of entertainment. Should it die (see above rule), you have no other toys and have no other choice but to endlessly sing fingerplays and songs instead the whole time.
6. Forget to go to the bathroom before you get on. Because then you have to take the two year old in with you. Ever try to fit yourself in a dirty plane bathroom? Now add a two year old who likes to touch EVERYTHING and whose favorite line is "Whas dat? What dat doing Mommy?" as he touches it. Very loudly. And if he is in the process of being potty trained, he will also want to discuss (very loudly of course), what YOU are doing as you go to the bathroom. "Oh, dat's lots of potty Mommy, good job! NO POOPS!" Plane bathrooms, FYI, are not sound proof.
7. Only get one pretzel bag. Not near enough for a hungry two year old.
I believe that is about it. The excitement Hunter had to fly quickly wore off. After about an hour and a half into a three hour flight, Hunter informed me, "I'm aw done Mommy, I get off now!" No son, this nightmare isn't over yet.