May 2, 2007

I swore I would never cry wolf and did

I swore I wouldn't be one of those over eager women who go to the hospital a million times because they can't tell real labor from the fake. Yeah, so I went to the hospital today and was sent home. I swore I was going into labor. Six weeks early no less. Did I have regular contractions? Did I have major cramping? Yes, yes, yes. For twelve hours and all the way to the hospital. What happens the second I get hooked up to the monitors? It goes away for a whole hour. They sent me home. There was nothing happening worth speaking of.
What happens when I get back home? It comes back. Will I be going back? NOOOOO. Too embarrassing. I'll wait until my water breaks or something or the contractions get super strong. I love the guess-work here. Yuck. I either want to be in labor or not. This just stinks. I don't know what's up. I hope this guess work doesn't go on for weeks. The suspense will kill me. At least the nurses believed me. They told me I must have been dehydrated (which I don't even know how that could happen with the amount I drink lately.) On another note, I could definately tell the baby dropped this morning. I was walking fine last night, and this morning, the best I could do was waddle, because I could feel it's little head very low.

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