Jun 28, 2007

Funniest moment of my week!

I took Ainsley to Fresno to see her Aunt Katie for the first time, since Katie couldn't be here when she was born. I bring Ainsley in, and Katie immediately picks her up and starts talking and cooing at her. Within about a minute I heard a loud ketchup bottle sound. Yep, within a minute of Ainsley meeting her Aunt for the first time, she has her first and only blow-out to date. It went all over Katie's lap and arm. Katie went from being delighted to "GET HER OFF! HELP ME! GET ME SOMETHING NOW!" I was laughing so hard, that it was really difficult for me to move because I was doubled up laughing on the floor. This is going in the baby book.

Jun 27, 2007

packing with a two year old (not recommended)

Would you like to hear the latest horror stories of a two-year-old unattended? The newborn is OK. I pack when she sleeps (which is a lot). However, I try to pack with Hunter, and it's a different story.
First thing he did yesterday was he told me he was going to play outside. That's fine, he sits on the front steps with his cars and sidewalk chalk and makes roads. He came back a couple of minutes later with his hands covered in black. "Mommy, I played in the water, and it was dirty!" Just so the person reading this knows, we don't have water out front. "Hunter, show me the water you were playing and don't touch anything!" I said. Immediately when I said don't touch anything, he ran his hands down the wall making big black streaks. I grabbed his hands, held them up high, and said, "Show me the water right now!" I was so mad! He proceeded to show me the big oil drip in the driveway he had been playing in. Thankfully, his hands and the wall washed right up, but he didn't get to play outside anymore.
A couple minutes after that, he said, "Mommy, I'm hungry." I told him, "OK, let me finish this box and I will get you something to eat." I told him to take a toy and put it away downstairts, but it took a little longer than it should. I assumed he was playing. Nope, he comes up the stairs with his bib on, a plastic spoon he had fished out of the drawer, and a yogurt container that he had gotten out of the fridge. He had opened the door, climbed up on the produce drawers, and pulled it down off a high shelf. I got after him, but luckily, no harm was done.
Then he told me he wanted juice. I couldn't find his no-drip cup, so I put it in another sippy cup since he hasn't dumped out his drink in months. He came up and told me had been "painting" with his juice. I gasped, and said, "show me where, Hunter!" He had completely spread his apple juice all over the seat of my rocker and my footstool. He was disciplined for this one, and also told he couldn't have his drink anymore unless he was strapped into his chair.
Then later, he told me that he was helping me "color the boxes" and brought me a purple marker. Luckily, he had just colored on the boxes and no where else. He was told only Mommy can color the boxes. I also discovered his "coloring on some other documents on the table. Luckily, they were not that important.
Later, he told me he wanted pizza. I told him we had to walk and go pick up the car (which was in the shop close to our house), and then we would get some afterwards, if he did a good job walking with me. While I was getting the stroller together, Hunter informed me he was already eating pizza. I walked in to the kitchen to discover he had again gotten into the fridge (again using the produce drawers to get up high), pulled a pizza box down from off the top shelf, and had all the leftover slices on the floor, and was squatting there eating them.
Between all these incidences, Ainsley was fussy, and I was trying everything to get her to settle down so I could get some work done. But as soon as she would fall asleep, Hunter would go and pat her head, get in her face, or almost drop something on her. She would wake up, I woud get after Hunter, and it would start all over again. At one point I was trying to pack with her in the front pack, but that didn't really work out either, but at least she was safe from her brother. If I wasn't so persistently stubborn, I would have given up on getting anything done yesterday. As it is though, I did manage (by working until after midnight) to get the bathrooms, Hunter's room, and half of my room done. Yes, I feel like supermom today.

Jun 21, 2007

First fight between siblings

Well, Hunter has gotten really mad at his sissy now. Last night I drove to Santa Cruz for a birthday party and while we were going through slow stop lights, Ainsley decided it would be a good time to cry. Hunter started shouting at her, "Be quiet Ansley, listen to the music!" He had his kid songs CD on. He thought that would help her. "Mommy, Ansley is not being quiet. Ansley, stop crying! I can't hear my moosic. Mommy!" Then he reached over and started trying to shake her carseat (we have it in too tight for that to work out well for him.) It was good times. One kid yelling, and the other crying.
We were driving again today and she decided to cry for a couple of minutes, but the added problem was that Hunter was also choosing to throw a fit at the same time. He wanted something that I had in the front seat. Ainsley crying made him cry more, but I couldn't figure out why. The he yelled, "Ansley can't cry, it's my turn to cry Mommy. Ansley can't cry too, because I was crying FIRST!" Then he started sobbing and yelling at her, "Be quiet Ansley, it's my turn to cry! Mommy make her BE QUIET! It's my turn!" At this point I started laughing really hard. There might have been a bit of hysteria in there, but I thought his reasoning was extremely funny. Plus, I knew both would live, since I had just fed Ainsley and she would fall alseep soon, and Hunter would get over his fit. Plus, I think I am over the frantic Mom phase when your kids cry. I figure, "Oh well, they'll live." Especially if I can't fix it. If you were a fly on the wall of my Jeep, however, you might wonder how well I'm holding up with the adult in the vehicle laughing really hard at two kids cry/yelling in the back seat.

Jun 19, 2007

I bought Hunter a stool

I bought Hunter a stool so that he could get into his big bed by himself as it is pretty high for him. It didn't take him more than a day to figure out that stools could be used for more than just getting into bed. He carries that thing everywhere that he needs just a couple more inches to get into something We have been finding that the kitchen is no longer safe because he has...his STOOL. Every morning he gets up before us and takes his stool down the stairs and finds more things to get into. Yesterday it was candy pushed way back on the counter. Today it was a chip bag and my ceramic kitchen bowl was on the floor. The candy was for when he goes potty in his potty chair. He came upstairs and we could tell he had been into it. Daddy asked him,"did you go potty?" "No, didn't Daddy! But I ate candy!" Today he also had stickers stuck all over his front that we give him when he goes potty. They were also up on the counter. I have decided the stool was a bad idea. I did not give him enough credit.
He also tattletells on himself. He lets us know when he has done something wrong, and when I come home, he lets me know that Daddy put him on timeout and why. I am not sure why he does this, but he sure is serious when he tells me. Today he told me quite a story about it.
"Mommy, I was helping Daddy in the garage and I went waaaaaay to far. Daddy said stop. I was on my poppity pop pop bike with the happy face. I didn't stop. I went all the way to the yellow car. Daddy got mad. I had to go timeout. Then I didn't have a happy face anymore. It was a grouch face like this."
Whether this is true or not, I don't know, but it was hard to keep a straight face while he was telling me.

Jun 10, 2007

Embarrassing moments with two children

Hunter has made for some funny moments with this new baby.
Grandmom Pate was giving Ainsley a bath and Hunter was on a stool watching intently. Suddenly, he goes, "OH! Where's her pee pee?!" He doesn't understand the difference between a boy and a girl and thought that she was broken. Send her back and get a fixed one!
Then that night I was nursing her and I had my nursing pads out and sitting next to me. Hunter comes up, and says "I have to blow my nose." He picked up the nursing pad, blew his nose on it, and then took it to Rick. "Here," he said giving it to him, "throw this away for me!" Rick didn't know what to do with it, and told him to give it back to me. Privacy goes right out the window with kids and a baby!

Jun 9, 2007

A little girl!

What a difference a repeat C-section is! I was scheduled for a 7:30am delivery so I had to be there at 5:30am. I went in and we were laughing and joking with the nurses and the anethesiologist while they were putting the spinal tap in. It was all very low-key and fun and exciting! I was not in a haze this time from two days of labor, so I was very alert and aware of everything. Tone came in they had her out in a couple of minutes. The anesthesiologist says, "It's a...?" and the doctor says, "Girl!" Tone and I both split a grin when we heard that and of course I cried. We were both so surprised. I guess we both secretly thought we were getting a boy. She was born at 7:50am.
The next surprise was how small she was. We both expected another large rolly polly baby after Hunter, and at 6 lb, 13.6 oz, she is a peanut! Only 18 inches long. She looks to me just like Tone's nieces, and definately looks more like him than me. She is so quiet! She never cries. Maybe little wimpers. When she was getting shots, she actually smiled at the nurses. She sleeps really well at night, and doesn't spit up either. We can't believe how good she is! Hunter was a major crier and spit up EVERYTHING, so this is very different. I call her Lil Miss Sunshine. My sis, Krista calles her a dud, since she doesn't do anything. I'll take it. I know what the opposite is!

Jun 2, 2007

June 5th - it's official C-section day!

Tuesday, June 5th = BABY DAY!!!!!!!!
All I have to say is....Yippee Ki Yay! I am so ready to meet this little person....whoever it is......