Jun 21, 2007

First fight between siblings

Well, Hunter has gotten really mad at his sissy now. Last night I drove to Santa Cruz for a birthday party and while we were going through slow stop lights, Ainsley decided it would be a good time to cry. Hunter started shouting at her, "Be quiet Ansley, listen to the music!" He had his kid songs CD on. He thought that would help her. "Mommy, Ansley is not being quiet. Ansley, stop crying! I can't hear my moosic. Mommy!" Then he reached over and started trying to shake her carseat (we have it in too tight for that to work out well for him.) It was good times. One kid yelling, and the other crying.
We were driving again today and she decided to cry for a couple of minutes, but the added problem was that Hunter was also choosing to throw a fit at the same time. He wanted something that I had in the front seat. Ainsley crying made him cry more, but I couldn't figure out why. The he yelled, "Ansley can't cry, it's my turn to cry Mommy. Ansley can't cry too, because I was crying FIRST!" Then he started sobbing and yelling at her, "Be quiet Ansley, it's my turn to cry! Mommy make her BE QUIET! It's my turn!" At this point I started laughing really hard. There might have been a bit of hysteria in there, but I thought his reasoning was extremely funny. Plus, I knew both would live, since I had just fed Ainsley and she would fall alseep soon, and Hunter would get over his fit. Plus, I think I am over the frantic Mom phase when your kids cry. I figure, "Oh well, they'll live." Especially if I can't fix it. If you were a fly on the wall of my Jeep, however, you might wonder how well I'm holding up with the adult in the vehicle laughing really hard at two kids cry/yelling in the back seat.

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