Jun 19, 2007

I bought Hunter a stool

I bought Hunter a stool so that he could get into his big bed by himself as it is pretty high for him. It didn't take him more than a day to figure out that stools could be used for more than just getting into bed. He carries that thing everywhere that he needs just a couple more inches to get into something We have been finding that the kitchen is no longer safe because he has...his STOOL. Every morning he gets up before us and takes his stool down the stairs and finds more things to get into. Yesterday it was candy pushed way back on the counter. Today it was a chip bag and my ceramic kitchen bowl was on the floor. The candy was for when he goes potty in his potty chair. He came upstairs and we could tell he had been into it. Daddy asked him,"did you go potty?" "No, didn't Daddy! But I ate candy!" Today he also had stickers stuck all over his front that we give him when he goes potty. They were also up on the counter. I have decided the stool was a bad idea. I did not give him enough credit.
He also tattletells on himself. He lets us know when he has done something wrong, and when I come home, he lets me know that Daddy put him on timeout and why. I am not sure why he does this, but he sure is serious when he tells me. Today he told me quite a story about it.
"Mommy, I was helping Daddy in the garage and I went waaaaaay to far. Daddy said stop. I was on my poppity pop pop bike with the happy face. I didn't stop. I went all the way to the yellow car. Daddy got mad. I had to go timeout. Then I didn't have a happy face anymore. It was a grouch face like this."
Whether this is true or not, I don't know, but it was hard to keep a straight face while he was telling me.

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