Jun 9, 2007

A little girl!

What a difference a repeat C-section is! I was scheduled for a 7:30am delivery so I had to be there at 5:30am. I went in and we were laughing and joking with the nurses and the anethesiologist while they were putting the spinal tap in. It was all very low-key and fun and exciting! I was not in a haze this time from two days of labor, so I was very alert and aware of everything. Tone came in they had her out in a couple of minutes. The anesthesiologist says, "It's a...?" and the doctor says, "Girl!" Tone and I both split a grin when we heard that and of course I cried. We were both so surprised. I guess we both secretly thought we were getting a boy. She was born at 7:50am.
The next surprise was how small she was. We both expected another large rolly polly baby after Hunter, and at 6 lb, 13.6 oz, she is a peanut! Only 18 inches long. She looks to me just like Tone's nieces, and definately looks more like him than me. She is so quiet! She never cries. Maybe little wimpers. When she was getting shots, she actually smiled at the nurses. She sleeps really well at night, and doesn't spit up either. We can't believe how good she is! Hunter was a major crier and spit up EVERYTHING, so this is very different. I call her Lil Miss Sunshine. My sis, Krista calles her a dud, since she doesn't do anything. I'll take it. I know what the opposite is!

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