Jun 27, 2007

packing with a two year old (not recommended)

Would you like to hear the latest horror stories of a two-year-old unattended? The newborn is OK. I pack when she sleeps (which is a lot). However, I try to pack with Hunter, and it's a different story.
First thing he did yesterday was he told me he was going to play outside. That's fine, he sits on the front steps with his cars and sidewalk chalk and makes roads. He came back a couple of minutes later with his hands covered in black. "Mommy, I played in the water, and it was dirty!" Just so the person reading this knows, we don't have water out front. "Hunter, show me the water you were playing and don't touch anything!" I said. Immediately when I said don't touch anything, he ran his hands down the wall making big black streaks. I grabbed his hands, held them up high, and said, "Show me the water right now!" I was so mad! He proceeded to show me the big oil drip in the driveway he had been playing in. Thankfully, his hands and the wall washed right up, but he didn't get to play outside anymore.
A couple minutes after that, he said, "Mommy, I'm hungry." I told him, "OK, let me finish this box and I will get you something to eat." I told him to take a toy and put it away downstairts, but it took a little longer than it should. I assumed he was playing. Nope, he comes up the stairs with his bib on, a plastic spoon he had fished out of the drawer, and a yogurt container that he had gotten out of the fridge. He had opened the door, climbed up on the produce drawers, and pulled it down off a high shelf. I got after him, but luckily, no harm was done.
Then he told me he wanted juice. I couldn't find his no-drip cup, so I put it in another sippy cup since he hasn't dumped out his drink in months. He came up and told me had been "painting" with his juice. I gasped, and said, "show me where, Hunter!" He had completely spread his apple juice all over the seat of my rocker and my footstool. He was disciplined for this one, and also told he couldn't have his drink anymore unless he was strapped into his chair.
Then later, he told me that he was helping me "color the boxes" and brought me a purple marker. Luckily, he had just colored on the boxes and no where else. He was told only Mommy can color the boxes. I also discovered his "coloring on some other documents on the table. Luckily, they were not that important.
Later, he told me he wanted pizza. I told him we had to walk and go pick up the car (which was in the shop close to our house), and then we would get some afterwards, if he did a good job walking with me. While I was getting the stroller together, Hunter informed me he was already eating pizza. I walked in to the kitchen to discover he had again gotten into the fridge (again using the produce drawers to get up high), pulled a pizza box down from off the top shelf, and had all the leftover slices on the floor, and was squatting there eating them.
Between all these incidences, Ainsley was fussy, and I was trying everything to get her to settle down so I could get some work done. But as soon as she would fall asleep, Hunter would go and pat her head, get in her face, or almost drop something on her. She would wake up, I woud get after Hunter, and it would start all over again. At one point I was trying to pack with her in the front pack, but that didn't really work out either, but at least she was safe from her brother. If I wasn't so persistently stubborn, I would have given up on getting anything done yesterday. As it is though, I did manage (by working until after midnight) to get the bathrooms, Hunter's room, and half of my room done. Yes, I feel like supermom today.

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