Jul 18, 2007

I'm putting a lock on the fridge

Unbelievable. Hunter has discovered the fridge and has decided it should be his own personal territory.
I was getting ready in the morning and Tone came up the stairs and asked me, "Did you give Hunter ice cream for breakfast?"
"Should I get the camera?" I asked.
"Just go look." He said with a big grin.
I went down the stairs and found Hunter with two open tubs of ice cream on my footstool. He had dished himself up a big bowl, and was thoroughly enjoying his breakfast. "Mommy, I chopped it up, just like you!" He proudly told me. Usually, when I put ice cream in his bowl, I chop it up so he takes small bites and doesn't get brain freeze. He was very proud of the fact that he had dished his own bowl up, just like I do it. I was amazed that he took the time to carefully put it in a bowl.
I took the picture, and took away the ice cream. We had (another) long talk about not getting into the fridge, and I decided that as soon as we move, I was putting a baby lock on the fridge.
I will post the picture as soon as I finish unpacking everything, and have time to upload photos.