Aug 12, 2007

Rock Hunting (stealing)

I stole rocks yesterday. I had a blast.
I decided that my front yard would look great if I had big rocks in my flower bed. Tone said he wasn't buying rocks when we could take a drive and get them in the mountains for free. Suckers buy rocks. So we went to Bass Lake to play for the day and then looked for rocks on the way back. Who would have thought that it would be so hard?
First of all, to get a rock, you have to find nice sized loose ones. They aren't just laying around on the side of the road. They are usually on the other side of a fence. Also, you have to drive down side roads to find them. People live there and don't like you hopping their fence. Here we are driving really slow (very suspicious) looking for a good rock.
"There's one!"
"Is anybody coming?"
"NO, GO!"
Then we'd stop the car, run up to it, and see if it was loose or liftable. Which many nice ones were not. The highlight of the trip was driving by a house where an old guy saw us coming and got off his porch with a rifle. We were pretty far down a country road at that point. Needless to say, we didn't choose his yard to look for rocks in.
I laughed my head off, and felt like I was in Jr. High going up to a house to toilet paper it. However, I netted myself three good rocks, and they are looking great in my front flower beds. Suckers buy rocks.

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