Nov 29, 2007

Eight Feet of Glory Standing in My Living Room

So the Plumb family has been developing some traditions that seem to continue from year to year. We got and put up our tree yesterday. We found it at a great place, but on accident. We were going to go and cut it across town, but Tone thought he saw a sign somewhere else closer, so we tried to find this imaginary place and found another great place a few blocks from home. This brings me to tradition number one: when Tone and I get in the car together, we never drive straight to wherever we are going. It's inevitable, Tone wants to take a shorter route (which isn't) or I read the map wrong. But this tradition led us to a great place!
Tradition number two would be wrangling the tree into our lame, *&%@*, tree stand. Always takes a good hour or so to make sure that the tree will stay up without it falling over right when Tone walks out the door to go to work for 5 days, and I am wrangling it myself (this has happened). Tone refuses every year to buy a new one because that costs money when we have a perfectly good one, and so our year begins with him on the floor with a screwdriver, hammer, etc., while I hold, and hold, and hold the tree up. This tradition doesn't seem to change whether we get a 4 foot tree or an 8 footer. Happens every year. This year after some manufactoring a gadget in the garage for the tree stand (I heard the saw going and some banging), I think we might have it!
Tradition three: We both do the lights, Tone carefully puts on the ornaments and I do the rest of the house decortations. This year I did the decorations the day before and laid the ornament boxes out in the living room. I told Hunter not to touch. He did fine with me there, but then I went to go sub and left Tone home. I walked into ripped ornament boxes. Apparently, Hunter couldn't wait to see them. I don't blame him, they are mostly airplanes, and motorized things that go. I found a tiny hat with bear ears next to the ripped boxes. Somewhere on our tree a bear is missing his ears and hat. We were unable to figure out which ornament that was.
Tradition four: Every year, I let Hunter pick his own ornament, and try to find a unique airplane ornament for Tone. Ainsley got her first Christmas one this year. Half of our ornaments are airplanes and one year will we have enough for two trees - one with all the airplanes! This year, Hunter picked a hotwheels car ornament. I hung it right next to the Dora with the pink tutu that he picked out last year. I pride myself that I let him pick that one out and that I am a good mom and knew that I could ride out his fascination with sparkly pink. See, he did. However, when he is 17, I will be sure to point that one out to his girlfriend.
Which brings me to our last decorating tradition: Super glue. Yes. Usually while Tone is artfully hanging ornaments, I am happily supergluing ornaments back together that didn't survive the last year. This year was no exception. While Hunter and Daddy happily put on ornaments, I was humming to myself and supergluing, heads, feet, wheels, and wings back on our ornaments. We have a lot of plastic ornaments which are made up of tiny parts which fall off frequently. Isn't this a happy family picture? The one exception as I stated above was Hunter's casualty which is missing his ears and hat. I let the two "type A" boys hang the ornaments, because even Hunter started pointing out places that had a hole and needed an ornament. Most kids hang them right around the bottom, but not Hunter. He would stand back, study the tree and tell Daddy where the good spot was. Tall or low. My job: Glue faster. My ornaments where needed.
Today, I woke up to eight feet of glory standing in our living room and more happy tree memories to be contined into the next year.

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