Nov 13, 2007

Putting in our backyard

So putting in a backyard with a baby and a three-year-old is a treat. We bought 7 yards of compost dirt that we had to wheel barrow into our backyard and spread. The dirt is black, black, black. Guess what color Hunter has been all week?! FYI: that much dirt is about 100 wheel barrow loads. I had to finish up quite a bit of it yesterday while Tone was gone so that we could lay the sod when he comes back tomorrow. Hunter followed me around with his little wagon while I dumped and spread load after load. He stepped in my piles, on my shovel, ran his wagon over my rake while I was spreading, dumped trash on the dirt, and generally tried to wreck havoc....all the while keeping up a running commentary for me. He carefully arranged trash on my pile right before I went to spread it. He told me he was setting out his "good-night snack" of ice cream and cookies. This is wishful thinking since he never gets one. I asked him to pick it up and he went around saying, "come 'ere litta fella, hey, litta fella." After about 4 hours of this, Ainsley started screaming from her seat on the porch. The neighbors over the back fence were working in their yard too all afternoon. When I told Hunter we were going in, I heard a quiet "Yay!" whispered from behind the fence. I am willing to bet they don't have children, but I felt the same way.
P.S. I heard Hunter giggling with Ainsley and her making happy noises in the other room this evening. My mother's heart was warmed to hear them interacting so nicely. Then I went to see. Hunter was giving Ainsley his little dirty black toe (remember the black dirt from outside?) to suck on and giggling while she happily chewed on it. *sigh* My mother's heart will never be the same.

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