Nov 20, 2007

Starting a List

Things I won't miss when Hunter turns four:
1. Being woken up in the morning with Hunter sticking a magnifying glass near my eye saying, "AHA! An Eye!"
2. Doing laundry in my bedroom and hearing a loud clunk. I found Hunter with the heavy bar stool pulled all the way down the hallway. He was standing on it, on tiptoes, reaching his craft shelf and pulling down the heavy box of playdough. I caught it just before it/he fell. I didn't realize he had the strength to move it that far.
3. Yesterday I was cleaning up my bedroom and I heard Hunter come crying about smashed finger. He had shut it in the sliding glass door while pulling his trike inside. It was sitting in the middle of the living room floor. He said he wanted to race Ainsley in her race car (which is her walker).
4. I was taking a shower and Hunter said that her race car was broken and there was an accident. I got out and he showed me his toy shelf totally dumped over. "Here is my accident Mommy." His explanation, "Ainsley's car broke when I ran over the pillows and I was trying to get a hammer to fix it, and I pulled the hammer out and the whole shelf fell down." Translation: Hunter was sitting/running in Ainsley's walker, rammed it over Ainsley's boppy pillow, tipped it over, fell out, thought it was broken, went to get his toy hammer to fix it, couldn't get it out of the toy bin, and jerked the shelf over spilling all his toys while trying to get it out.
5. Standing up on top of Ainsley's walker - fully. Ainsley was in it by the way.
6. He ran away from me for the first time in a store. I have him trained to stick right by me. However, I was not interested in visiting the toy car aisle. Hunter had never been in this store. I turned around and he was gone. I found him in the car aisle on the other side of the store. Though we had never been in this store before, he had made a beeline straight for it and couldn't figure out why I didn't know where he was. How he found the aisle since it was in the back corner, I'll never know.
All this happened this week. I think I'll move to Australia. Dr. Dobson lies I think. I read the book "The Strong-Willed Child", have been consistent and firm, and have tried many strategies. Not one has worked yet. Someday....

Things I hope Hunter never outgrows
1. Saying I love you
2. Snuggling with me.
3. His kisses
4. His zest for life
5. His determination
6. His precociousness
7. His willingness to help with anything
8. His imagination

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