Dec 18, 2007

Officially proud parents to a peanut

I took Ainsley and Hunter to the doctor today. Ainsley needed four shots (poor baby). And...Hunter's runny nose is out of control! I was informed we were out of medicines to try. Great. That means I am doomed to a world of snot until I can figure out something that will actually work on his allergies.
In other news, Ainsley is only 13 pounds even and 24 inches. Weighed fully clothed and in warm clothing. And she is 6 months old. He said "no worries, since she is healthy and proportional." How is it that I took her to the doctor 2 months ago and she was 13 pounds 1 ounce fully clothed? We are going backwards. Definately Tone's genes are winning here. Consider this: my brother was only one pound lighter than her when he was BORN! I think we are definately proud parents to a peanut. Though Hunter is not so hefty either at only 33 pounds fully clothed. At this rate, they'll still be in car seats when they're twelve.

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