Dec 6, 2007

What are you getting for Christmas and other thoughts on Santa

Hunter has decided Santa is bringing him a new car for Christmas. Not a matchbox car...but one he can sit in and is motorized. Not happening. I told him it was too big to fit in his sleigh. Tone asked him what Santa was going to bring Daddy. Hunter said very seriously,"Eggs." Then Tone asked him what Santa was going to bring Mommy. "Just a car Daddy." "A black one." Cool. Tone gets eggs. I get a car.
I know I always write about Hunter, but really, what does a little baby really DO that is worth writing about. Her adorableness can not be described. She just smiles at everyone and sucks her thumb all the time. It must be seen. She just got her two bottom teeth, is just starting rice cereal and applesauce, and can roll all over the place. She loves to grab and chew on toys, and squeals when one is out of reach. She basically just squeals and screeches all the time. For no apparent reason. It really is a pleasant noise. Not. She understands her name, and "Are you hungry? Do you want to eat?" You know, the most important words in her little life. There. That is Ainsley in a nutshell.
Back to thoughts on Santa Claus: I hate him. We are doing him this Christmas. Apparently, it's Tone's favorite Christmas memory. So I guess I won't be a scrooge, and I'm going with it. Cool. I am lying to my child. On another related note, Hunter asked me tonight if Jesus was pretend. Ouch. We had a lengthy discussion about His power and being able to hear and see and be everywhere even when you can't see him. I bought Hunter a veggie tales nativity that we play with, and a bunch of Advent Christmas books. We do advent activities every night, pray to Him every night, read a Bible story every night, and talk about Him all the time (not just this month). But you can't see Him or hear Him, so I don't think Hunter at this point quite believes me. Hunter, Santa...he's fake. Jesus...he's real. But I think Tone wouldn't like it at this point if I told Hunter which one is the fakey. Oh well, many good kids have grown up with Santa without scars, sooo....I'm running with it. Bet you know though who I am emphasizing more this Christmas.

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