Jan 29, 2008

wisdom teeth and food poisoning

Yesterday, Tone got all four wisdom teeth pulled. He was pretty much out of it all day. We went to Jamba Juice to get Tone a smoothie, and somehow I think they food poisoned Hunter. Hunter got a smoothie too. So, yesterday was a really fun day. I had two sickies on my hands. Hunter was quite explosive and I didn't seem to be able to get him to a pan or the bathroom in time any of those times. He gives little warning and freezes up when he gets sick. I found out that my carpet doesn't clean up that well. Tone had to go out and get some heavy-duty carptet cleaner this morning. But on the other hand, my couch cleans up great! Overall, fun day I must say. Hunter is still pretty sick today. The only problem with that is that he is glued to me and fussy and he keeps waking up Ainsley from his crying, so she has only had some catnaps today, so she is pretty fussy too. If tomorrow isn't better...I'm moving to Australia.

Jan 27, 2008

Joining community full force

Well, we jumped in. And I love our new church, The Well. I have joined the Mom's group on Friday mornings, and signed us up for the all day, "Welcome to the Church", class. They call it the Discovery Class. From there, you get connected into ministries in the church. The sermon today was on finances, and Tone and I talked it over, and for the first time, we are able and going to tithe ten percent! I am grinning from ear to ear as I write this. Why do I feel so excited about giving away ten percent of our money? Because I have felt guilty about it for so long, that we haven't been able to, and I really feel that we are not giving what we owe God until we do. I also feel that we have a responsibility to give God back part of what He has so generously given us. Also, it means that we have finally found a "home" church so to speak. We have a place to give to, that we want to give to. I have just been filling out the sheet that they use to get you connected and it's quite extensive with a personality profile, prior experience, what you enjoy doing, life story, etc. They really want to know ME and find a place for me. I can't wait to plug in! So excited!

Jan 25, 2008


This is Hunter's latest doings. He puts Ainsley's pillow around his waist like a tutu and says he's a princess. Then he gets in his toy tub that's supposed to hold his car collection and calls it his boat. And he just sits there. A princess in a boat. This is all well and good to him because HE chose to be a princess. Yet mention the colors pink and purple around him and he looks at you in disdain and haughtily explains that those are for GIRLS. As if!

Yes, he is wearing suspenders. His pants don't stay up...ever...so I ordered a couple pair (that he wears everyday) to keep his pants up. Today he was wearing jeans, a flannel shirt, suspenders, and his hair gelled over in a side part. Very nerdy. It wouldn't have been SO bad, but he wanted me to do his hair that way. He has decided he doesn't like wearing it "spicey" (spiky) anymore.

This is what Ainsley thinks of her brother's outfit. The fashion horror of it all and she can't believe that she is related to him!

Ainsley believes that she is much too big to relax in the swing now and tries to sit up straight in it, grab the bars on the side, lean over until she is about to fall out, etc. The swing is no longer used for what it was intended for. Namely, to put her to sleep. Mostly I just put her there when Hunter is on the floor to keep her out of his toys before he shoves her out of the way.

Jan 21, 2008

Better day

So today is better. I played with Hunter and Ainsley again all day and got the house pretty clean which also really helps the mood.
Tone is home which also makes me happy. I love it when he's home. I miss him.
I also looked up the salary schedule in the school district that I am in. It's not bad. That means that I could probably work half-time with them and make what we need. So...here's a new prayer: That somebody in the district wants to job-share and split the day with me. I would love to do that. The kids would only be in daycare half days and not every day as Tone would be home at least a couple of days during the week. That, I think, would be doable. Hunter, I'm sure would love to go play for a half day a few days a week.
Luckily, my old principal is familiar with the district that I am in and would put in a good word for me. Is this God helping us out here? I think I may go down to the district office and ask about it at least.
So, maybe small groups as a couple won't work out at our church for the moment. I could join the mom's group though. Though a little pricey, it's like MOPS, but they meet every week, and it DOES have free childcare at least. I don't know if Tone can find a group to join though. I hope there is one for him too.
When you give problems some time, they don't often look as bad, and there is often a creative solution. I keep praying and I know God will work this through for us.

Jan 20, 2008

Bummed but dancing

So I had a hard day today. I was feeling quite sorry for myself and kinda depressed.

Tone in the last two weeks has discussed moving on to a major airline and I found out that (again) the first year he won't make enough for us to make it on just his salary. This involves me working again for a year if he gets hired soon. Major depression there as I don't think Hunter is ready for this, and I hate the fact of working again after finally getting to stay home. I am just not sure what to do about this, but I know that I can't just send him to any daycare next year. It's not so critical with Ainsley as she is still just a baby. I'm beyond bummed, I have had a very heavy heart.

Then I went to church and they were doing sign up for their small groups. None of which offer childcare which puts us out of it. We don't know any babysitters yet. We offered to host a group so we could have our kids at home, but it seems there is no one to lead it (Tone can't, he's gone too much), and all of the groups (from what I could tell) are on the complete other side of town. There is a Mom's group with childcare- if I want to pay $55 for the semester. Bummed again, as I don't know how to get connected at this church since this is what they push most on how to get connected. I would love to be doing a group with Tone too.
Tone' is gone far more than he is home, and I have just been feeling a little lonely lately.

So, to cheer up, I played with Hunter all day. It was quite fun, but then he decided he wanted to dance. So....I put on my favorite loud Christian songs and we danced. We praised God, and went all out. I closed the windows because A: it was night time, and B: I am sure that I looked rediculous, but we sang loudly all the songs, and danced for about 45 minutes. We wore silly hats, had ribbon sticks, and really rocked the house! And then...I was no longer bummed. I understand why David's wife laughed at him when he was dancing before the Lord. I am sure I probably looked that silly, but God enjoyed David's dancing and didn't think his wife should be making fun of him. We danced with abandonment, Hunter loved it, and I praised God. "Let my lifesong sing to You!" "Make a joyful noise to the Lord!" "Here is our King, Here is our Love, Here is our God who's come to bring us back to Him." "I'm living my life for You, I'm giving everything to You, not holding back, but every part, I'm giving it all to You!" Words from some of the songs. So, I just danced, praised God, and gave it all to Him to figure out for me. And I feel good. Good exercise, and good time with the Lord and my son. A "quiet time" with Him does not always have to mean quiet! None of the songs were quiet ones but purposely joyful ones. The words of the songs just washed over me and filled me with peace and joy. Feeling sorry about your spot in life? Get up and dance!

Jan 17, 2008

Ainsley's kisses

My little snuggle girl. She loves to snuggle with me and suck her thumb. In fact, I can't leave the room or she cries and if any little thing happens to her, this is what she needs. Mommy snuggles and her thumb.

This is the face Ainsley gives when Hunter gets anywhere near her. He looks half crazed whenever I try to get him to smile for the camera, and Ainsley freaks out because he's too close to her.

Hunter and Ainsley both love the keyboard. Ainsley just bangs it, but Hunter found the beat option and loves to dance to it. He rocks out to it. It's hilarious. He's got some moves. I got it on video camera which I will be sharing here soon so that you can all see my kooky boy.

This is Ainsley blowing kisses. She has learned how to make a kissing noise with her mouth and I finally got her doing it on camera! She thinks it is great. She also thinks raspberry noises, and soft blowing noises are great.

She does a great army crawl now. She gets up on her hands and knees and rocks back and forth, but then drops back down to army crawl to something.

Jan 15, 2008

Why I don't eat

So, this is why it is so easy to lose weight when you have two kids. You don't get to eat. My parents and sister were here for a couple of days and I spent a lot of time at restaraunts. Here's the thing. One kid always needs something and is quite demanding about it.

I brought playdough for Hunter to play with in a little baggy. I thought that would keep him busy. It did, until he stuck some up his nose right when we were ordering. The waitress thought it was quite funny. But Hunter couldn't get it out. Katie had to have him snot-rocket it into her hand. I was rather helpless because I had both hands full of Ainsley at this point. And I was across the table. Lucky Auntie Katie, I say.
At the top of this post, I just thought that I would post some pictures of sibling love. I'm sure there is a lot of love. Oh, don't worry, Ainsley is NOT in the bath picture somewhere drowning in the water!

Jan 8, 2008

Ainsley is on the move

My little daughter dear has learned to army crawl. She pulls herself forward with her arms and big grunts. I am now child-proofing my house all over again. This evening I saw her eating my Bible study book, and I told Hunter to grab it from her. He did, but when I looked up a minute later, he was grabbing all of her toys from her. The poor thing was trying to army crawl to them, but Hunter was much faster, and she was getting frustrated. I said, "Hunter, what are you doing? Give her toys back to her!" He said, "Annsley is in time-out Mommy. She ate your book. She can't have any toys yet." I told him only Mommy got to say, "Time out" and to give her toys back. (In case you think that I misspelled Ainsley's name up above, I didn't. Hunter has called her Annsley since birth and has refused to say anything otherwise. He has just decided that's her name.)
Ainsley has also learned to blow raspberries and smack her lips to make a kissing sound. It's pretty adorable. She does it to get attention and then looks so pleased with herself. She kept Krista and I awake all last night fussing(I was staying at Mom's for New Years) and then refused to take her morning nap. We were both soooo sick of her screaming. When I finally went and got her she grinned at us and blew kisses. We were not amused and it did not improve our opinion of her this morning. We were pretty tired after listening to her all night.
I am also discovering more of her personality. She is stubborn and pretty tough. In parenting books, it says that a way to get babies to stop touching something is to distract them with something else. Of course if you have my daughter, then you would know this strategy isn't the best. I have a one track mind baby, and she gets mad when she wants something and can't have it. Yesterday, it was Grandad's newspaper. She was determined to have it and was not going to be distracted.
I have also learned something about my son. I feel like a slow learner at times when it comes to understanding the way my children tick. I thought Hunter was mean to my friends when he saw them because he would put on a attitude and act like he didn't care or even say mean things. Turns out, when he is overwhelmed or feeling shy, this is his defence mechanism. So instead of a mean child, I have learned I have a shy-at-first child and to back off and not make him say "hi" or interact until he warms up a little. If I try to make him, I get "mean child." I told Tone what I learned and he basically told me, "DUH, Jen." He knew that. But I didn't.
The other day when Hunter woke up from his nap, he wanted me to hold him for a while. He often likes to snuggle for a little bit when he wakes up, but this day I couldn't as I was in the middle of a project. He looked at me really pathic and said, "I have struggling legs mommy." I tried not to laugh and asked him if his legs were tired. "Yes, this is very hard for me." He got picked up as I thought his word usage was very funny.

Jan 5, 2008

I've been posting on Myspace the last few months, but I'm back!

I have been posting everything on MySpace, but for simplicity's sake, and the fact that many don't use MySpace, I will also post here. Here are my last two posts on Myspace:

Tonight while Tone and I were making dinner, Hunter was playing with a diaper box which came from Costco. It is tall, narrow and comes up to his chest (about 1x2x3'). Ainsley was playing the floor. He was pushing the box around the room (open end up) and I saw (out of the corner of my eye) him pushing the box in front of where Ainsley was. She had been making happy sounds, but I heard her complaining noise when he did that. I told Hunter to move the box away from her. She often makes this noise if he gets too close. He wouldn't do it, but kept saying, "but, but, but, Mommy!" as if he was going to argue with me. Finally after the third time of telling him to move the box, I got mad and went over to move the box away from her. When I got up close, I could see into the box. Ainsley was IN IT on her tummy looking up at me and complaining. She just barely fit down in the bottom. How he got her in there still beats me since the top of the box is level with his chest. I'm not sure if she crawled into it and he tipped the box up or what......I almost peed my pants I was laughing so hard. Tone was cracking up too, but at least he could speak to tell Hunter to go to his room so that we could regain some control. Ainsley was fine, just mad until I got her out.

Hunter's propensity to put things in other things has gotten him in big trouble. He loves to stick objects into containers and then forgets all about them. The biggest trouble was today. Tone couldn't find his badge with his ID, medical certificate and pilot's license in it today. After tearing the house apart and a fruitless trip across town to the last place he had it out, he admitted defeat and had to be taken off his trip. An hour later, I found it. Hunter thought it would be cool to stick it in a graham cracker box.