Jan 8, 2008

Ainsley is on the move

My little daughter dear has learned to army crawl. She pulls herself forward with her arms and big grunts. I am now child-proofing my house all over again. This evening I saw her eating my Bible study book, and I told Hunter to grab it from her. He did, but when I looked up a minute later, he was grabbing all of her toys from her. The poor thing was trying to army crawl to them, but Hunter was much faster, and she was getting frustrated. I said, "Hunter, what are you doing? Give her toys back to her!" He said, "Annsley is in time-out Mommy. She ate your book. She can't have any toys yet." I told him only Mommy got to say, "Time out" and to give her toys back. (In case you think that I misspelled Ainsley's name up above, I didn't. Hunter has called her Annsley since birth and has refused to say anything otherwise. He has just decided that's her name.)
Ainsley has also learned to blow raspberries and smack her lips to make a kissing sound. It's pretty adorable. She does it to get attention and then looks so pleased with herself. She kept Krista and I awake all last night fussing(I was staying at Mom's for New Years) and then refused to take her morning nap. We were both soooo sick of her screaming. When I finally went and got her she grinned at us and blew kisses. We were not amused and it did not improve our opinion of her this morning. We were pretty tired after listening to her all night.
I am also discovering more of her personality. She is stubborn and pretty tough. In parenting books, it says that a way to get babies to stop touching something is to distract them with something else. Of course if you have my daughter, then you would know this strategy isn't the best. I have a one track mind baby, and she gets mad when she wants something and can't have it. Yesterday, it was Grandad's newspaper. She was determined to have it and was not going to be distracted.
I have also learned something about my son. I feel like a slow learner at times when it comes to understanding the way my children tick. I thought Hunter was mean to my friends when he saw them because he would put on a attitude and act like he didn't care or even say mean things. Turns out, when he is overwhelmed or feeling shy, this is his defence mechanism. So instead of a mean child, I have learned I have a shy-at-first child and to back off and not make him say "hi" or interact until he warms up a little. If I try to make him, I get "mean child." I told Tone what I learned and he basically told me, "DUH, Jen." He knew that. But I didn't.
The other day when Hunter woke up from his nap, he wanted me to hold him for a while. He often likes to snuggle for a little bit when he wakes up, but this day I couldn't as I was in the middle of a project. He looked at me really pathic and said, "I have struggling legs mommy." I tried not to laugh and asked him if his legs were tired. "Yes, this is very hard for me." He got picked up as I thought his word usage was very funny.

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