Jan 21, 2008

Better day

So today is better. I played with Hunter and Ainsley again all day and got the house pretty clean which also really helps the mood.
Tone is home which also makes me happy. I love it when he's home. I miss him.
I also looked up the salary schedule in the school district that I am in. It's not bad. That means that I could probably work half-time with them and make what we need. So...here's a new prayer: That somebody in the district wants to job-share and split the day with me. I would love to do that. The kids would only be in daycare half days and not every day as Tone would be home at least a couple of days during the week. That, I think, would be doable. Hunter, I'm sure would love to go play for a half day a few days a week.
Luckily, my old principal is familiar with the district that I am in and would put in a good word for me. Is this God helping us out here? I think I may go down to the district office and ask about it at least.
So, maybe small groups as a couple won't work out at our church for the moment. I could join the mom's group though. Though a little pricey, it's like MOPS, but they meet every week, and it DOES have free childcare at least. I don't know if Tone can find a group to join though. I hope there is one for him too.
When you give problems some time, they don't often look as bad, and there is often a creative solution. I keep praying and I know God will work this through for us.

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