Jan 25, 2008


This is Hunter's latest doings. He puts Ainsley's pillow around his waist like a tutu and says he's a princess. Then he gets in his toy tub that's supposed to hold his car collection and calls it his boat. And he just sits there. A princess in a boat. This is all well and good to him because HE chose to be a princess. Yet mention the colors pink and purple around him and he looks at you in disdain and haughtily explains that those are for GIRLS. As if!

Yes, he is wearing suspenders. His pants don't stay up...ever...so I ordered a couple pair (that he wears everyday) to keep his pants up. Today he was wearing jeans, a flannel shirt, suspenders, and his hair gelled over in a side part. Very nerdy. It wouldn't have been SO bad, but he wanted me to do his hair that way. He has decided he doesn't like wearing it "spicey" (spiky) anymore.

This is what Ainsley thinks of her brother's outfit. The fashion horror of it all and she can't believe that she is related to him!

Ainsley believes that she is much too big to relax in the swing now and tries to sit up straight in it, grab the bars on the side, lean over until she is about to fall out, etc. The swing is no longer used for what it was intended for. Namely, to put her to sleep. Mostly I just put her there when Hunter is on the floor to keep her out of his toys before he shoves her out of the way.


  1. You know you're watching too much What Not To Wear when you insult your 3 year-old's outfit. :)

  2. Jenny - yes, it's a dream to have her sleep so well at night - We used Babywise and are stoked! But, don't be too jealous...she is a bit of a troubled napper - aka not sleeping during the day! Hang in there! Any guesses as to why Ainsley stopped sleeping through the night?

  3. Let's see if it will let me leave a comment. Hunter is such a funny fellow.