Jan 27, 2008

Joining community full force

Well, we jumped in. And I love our new church, The Well. I have joined the Mom's group on Friday mornings, and signed us up for the all day, "Welcome to the Church", class. They call it the Discovery Class. From there, you get connected into ministries in the church. The sermon today was on finances, and Tone and I talked it over, and for the first time, we are able and going to tithe ten percent! I am grinning from ear to ear as I write this. Why do I feel so excited about giving away ten percent of our money? Because I have felt guilty about it for so long, that we haven't been able to, and I really feel that we are not giving what we owe God until we do. I also feel that we have a responsibility to give God back part of what He has so generously given us. Also, it means that we have finally found a "home" church so to speak. We have a place to give to, that we want to give to. I have just been filling out the sheet that they use to get you connected and it's quite extensive with a personality profile, prior experience, what you enjoy doing, life story, etc. They really want to know ME and find a place for me. I can't wait to plug in! So excited!

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  1. Hey! I am stoked you are going to the Well. Which campus are you going to? And, I am excited you are going to get plugged in. Yay! Happy Tuesday to you...