Jan 15, 2008

Why I don't eat

So, this is why it is so easy to lose weight when you have two kids. You don't get to eat. My parents and sister were here for a couple of days and I spent a lot of time at restaraunts. Here's the thing. One kid always needs something and is quite demanding about it.

I brought playdough for Hunter to play with in a little baggy. I thought that would keep him busy. It did, until he stuck some up his nose right when we were ordering. The waitress thought it was quite funny. But Hunter couldn't get it out. Katie had to have him snot-rocket it into her hand. I was rather helpless because I had both hands full of Ainsley at this point. And I was across the table. Lucky Auntie Katie, I say.
At the top of this post, I just thought that I would post some pictures of sibling love. I'm sure there is a lot of love. Oh, don't worry, Ainsley is NOT in the bath picture somewhere drowning in the water!

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  1. Another reason why my and Mirm's feast idea is so great.