Jan 29, 2008

wisdom teeth and food poisoning

Yesterday, Tone got all four wisdom teeth pulled. He was pretty much out of it all day. We went to Jamba Juice to get Tone a smoothie, and somehow I think they food poisoned Hunter. Hunter got a smoothie too. So, yesterday was a really fun day. I had two sickies on my hands. Hunter was quite explosive and I didn't seem to be able to get him to a pan or the bathroom in time any of those times. He gives little warning and freezes up when he gets sick. I found out that my carpet doesn't clean up that well. Tone had to go out and get some heavy-duty carptet cleaner this morning. But on the other hand, my couch cleans up great! Overall, fun day I must say. Hunter is still pretty sick today. The only problem with that is that he is glued to me and fussy and he keeps waking up Ainsley from his crying, so she has only had some catnaps today, so she is pretty fussy too. If tomorrow isn't better...I'm moving to Australia.