Feb 29, 2008

Old postings

For those of you who never had myspace, I posted all of my blog on here and transferred it from myspace, so if you are extremely bored and want to hear horror stories about my son, I have all of my 2007 posting on here now (most of 2007 was blogged on myspace and not transferred to this page). I just didn't transfer the funny pictures that go with the blogs as we have a new computer and I didn't feel like searching for the pictures.

A bonus day

Apparently, Tone didn't leave out the paint. He had put it away on the workbench. So, Hunter snuck into the garage and found it and decided the garage door would be a nice place to paint a bit of yellow. Gotta hand it to him.

Today is leap year day, and it was so great, it was like an extra bonus day of the year. I went to my Mom's group at church where I always get little tidbits of encouragement and ideas to try at home, and it was a nice place to laugh about Hunter with some ladies who were understanding. I love my group.

We went to McDonalds to play and then we went to Target to get Ainsley a swimsuit and look at the garden stuff. I found a rocking chair for the front porch and found plants to put in my pots by the front door. I let Hunter pick and he picked orange daisies. I picked a gardenia. He LOVED the garden area and looking at all the flowers and the fountains.

It was in the 80's this afternoon, so I let Hunter play in his swimming pool. He has been asking almost everyday since October (rain or shine) if he can get it out and go swimming. I was so excited to get it out today . I meant for Ainsley to try it out for the first time, but wouldn't you know it, she took a three hour nap. She hasn't taken a nap that long in about 3 months, so I kept checking on her, but she was snoring. She woke up way too late to model her new swimsuit, so maybe another day. Who woulda thunk you could actually play in the kiddie pool in February?! We even ate popsicles. I even wore a sundress all day and I worked in my flower garden. My Narcissus bulbs around my trees in the front bloomed out yesterday, and I was thinking today that they look pretty cute and springy.
He was so much better today, it was unbelievable. We chatted all day long and had so much fun together. He was so sweet and cute and OBEDIANT. The spank and time in his room for painting the door and picking my flowers was still very much in the front of his brain. He still managed to get a spank for open defiance at the end of the day, but overall, he was great. He has a little plastic fishing pole that he uses in the bath. He was taking a bath and sissy was outside next to the tub babbling at him. He knows to keep it in the tub because it drips, but he couldn't resist putting it over the side of the tub and dripping it on her head just to see what she would do. Poor sissy. Hunter thought it was great. So great he did it two more times after I told him not to. Then it was poor Hunter. Back to his room he went for a while.

Feb 28, 2008

Living room paint and Imaginings

This picture is a picture of true love. Tone could care less about my painting idea, but he is helping me paint it before we get my piano this next month. So we don't have to move the piano twice.
It really is a lovely shade of medium green which doesn't show up here. I have 12 more boxes of children's books to put in here. No joke. I have quite the library. It has his airplane memorabilia up on the walls. An old air chart of San Francisco, tickets and postcards from when his grandma flew in the 1940's, clocks for airports in the four time zones (San Francisco, Denver, Chicago, New York). This room also holds his drums and my future piano. A book and music room.
Ainsley loved riding this bike and getting pushed around on it. Hunter calls it the happy-poppity-pop-pop bike. She takes her riding very seriously, and doesn't like to get off.
We start them young in our family. I guess we figure we're getting them closer to the "real" thing. Dirt bikes and snowmoblies.
I told Hunter to pick out his clothes. This is what he came out with. He thought it was very silly and is making a silly face to go with it.

Hunter and I imagine a lot of things together. We have a little green man who lives behind our couch. With a baby and a preschooler in the house, there are a lot of bodily functions and smells that go with them. We blame them all on the little green man behind the couch. I asked Hunter is his name was Fred or George. Umm, Mommy, his name is Karen. He doesn't know a Karen that I am aware of, so I don't know where he got this name. But Karen can be very noisy and smelly at times.
We also have a family of elephants living in our backyard according to Hunter. Yesterday, however, they died. After they stomped on my flowers of course. Hunter reported this to me. The real story is that Hunter picked them all again. Sad.
Many trees here are covered in snow white flowers right now, so we look for "popcorn" trees as we drive down the road.
Tone left out some construction yellow paint from a project. I was unaware of this until I discovered Hunter had rolled it up my side garage door. Very neatly too. *sigh* Luckily it came off.

Feb 23, 2008

Ainsley is up to many things.

Isn't she sweet when she is sleeping? I love it. When she wakes up, she flips over onto her belly and cranes her head up as far as she can so see over the railing and wails for me. I come in, and she's trying to see who's coming with a wide grin on her face. "You rescued me!"
Her new thing is that she dances and tries to say "mommy." Two different tricks. When I ask her to dance, she shakes her head back and forth and wiggles with a huge grin. It's adorable. Whenever she wants me, she says, "mamamah!" but today she actually got closer to saying "Mommy!" For a while I thought it was just a sound she was making, but now it's obvious that she does it to get my attention because she wants me.
She still won't sit up. She can, but never wants to. Once she realizes she is in the sitting position, she throws herself backwards as hard as she can. Needless to say, I don't sit her up unless I am right behind her ready. She would rather hang upside down or be on her belly where she can crawl around.
Last night she finally figured out that she could move the walker around while she was in it, and was trying to push it around in the kitchen to get into things. She grabbed my dishtowels, the magnets off the fridge, tried to open drawers...here come trouble. She is not a calm child but very busy and loud. She shrieks and lot and is constantly trying to get whatever Hunter is playing with. She is never interested in her own toys. The object of interest is whatever someone else has. She'll grab it, study it, and then look to see what else you have that might be interesting. Hunter is going nuts trying to play around her. He shares with her really well, but she doesn't want what he gives her. She wants what he has. But he adores his sissy and can't get enough of her. How is it that I didn't get even one calm, studious child; but loud, busy children?

Hunter's hives are gone. They just sortof ended as quickly as they came for no apparent reason. I found out this is a common thing to have happen and it has to do with your immune system just going bonkers for a while for no reason the doctor's can find, and usually it goes away within three weeks. Odd isn't it?

Here are some favorite pictures that I have taken recently for those of you who don't see my myspace page. I took them over the last weekend when my family was here for Krista and Rick's birthday. We had a lot of fun playing outside in our backyard.

We are pretending to sled in the snow, and Hunter is posing for a future t-ball pic it looks like. Next year he can play!
Ainsley wouldn't take her thumb out of her mouth, and this is the only one I could get Hunter to sit and smile for.

Feb 20, 2008


Hunter says some funny things. Here is a sampling from the last couple of days:

Conversation with Grandmom:
After a long conversation about the zoo....
"Grandmom, did your Father take you to the zoo?"
"I think that he did."
"Well, my Father doesn't take me to the zoo. He doesn't care about me." Very seriously, sadly, with a straight face.

I mean, "Father?" Really? Where did he get that word? And where did he get this phrase? I mean it is true that I am the one who usually takes him to the zoo, but this sounds like more drama than a teenage girl....
Mom says that she could just imagine him saying this to his Sunday School teacher and she'll be thinking that he was abandoned or abused.

Outside when we are playing and sitting around:
"Hey, could we get some food out here or something? I'm starving!"
How rude of him.

He walks into the room where Krista and I are talking:
"What going on in here, kids?!"

Anytime he disagrees with me:
"I don't sink (think) so Mommy! Cuz that doesn't make sense!"
Oh, but I do think so.

He tacks on "actually" to the end of all his statements. "I don't sink I need a nap today Mommy, actually." I actually think you do buddy.

He replies to all questions with "that's why"...before he gives an explanation.
Example: "Why did you do that Hunter?"
"That's why, I just wanted to."

If he can't do something:
"I can't how to! That's why!"

His talking is alternately getting him into big trouble, and getting a lot of laughs.

Feb 13, 2008

The Perfect Day

Ainsley is blowing raspberries in between eating her feet.
Tone fixing the bike.
Ainsley on her blanket. She kept tentatively touching the grass, making a grimace, and then try to touch it again.
Mommy and Ainsley having fun.
Ainsley's favorite place to be.
Hunter and his dump truck. You can still see the red spots on his face. Cutting all wheat has not totally gotten rid of them. After we rule out wheat, we will try ruling out soy.

Daddy showing Hunter how to peddle.
Ainsley loves Hunter's new ball. She can play too!
Hunter is pretending to be a tiger in his cave.
I'm doing it Mom!

Yesterday was a perfect day. I got the house picked up (which is important to my peace of mind) and Tone came home around noon. He set up his surround sound which came in the mail, and the kids were napping and I had time to read a magazine. It was gorgeous outside and when Hunter got up he wanted to go out. I took the kids outside and soon Tone joined me. The four of ended up playing and snacking and staying out until dark enjoying our nice yard. A couple of beers, snacks and drinks together, riding bikes, BBQing for dinner, playing soccer on the lawn, good quality chats.....After a good dinner, we put the kids to bed and watched a movie and then Rob and Big (hilarious!). While we were watching this, Tone decided to paint my toes and french manicure my fingernails. Fun!

PS. My yard looks pretty dead at the moment since nothing has grown in yet. I do have some yellow crocus bulbs blooming though. Hunter thought he would pick them all today though, and I found him with a little bouquet clutched in his fist. *sigh* He loves the garden he helped me plant and can't leave it alone. He just loves to help me weed!

Feb 11, 2008


Ainsley can hold her own bottle, but sees it more as a toy and for recreation than for serious eating.
Ainsley is on our new couch!
This is Ainsley waking up from her morning nap. Big stretches!
Aren't they cute together? Hunter thought that they should snuggle for the picture. It was a great idea until she started grabbing and pulling on his hair and ear.
Ainsley is pulling on his ear. I didn't include the picture snapped two seconds later of him mad at her for pulling on it, or the picture I took two seconds after that where she is crying because he pushed her.
Hey Mommy!

How Ainsley always falls asleep. Classic Ainsley pose.

Well, howdy partner! I love my hat and suspenders!
PS. Today I put Hunter on a wheat/gluten free diet and so far we are outbreak free.

Feb 9, 2008


Well, we don't know what's causing it. It doesn't appear to be a food allergy, detergent allergy, pollen or product allergy. While he has broken out after eating certain foods, and broken out while on our couch or in his bed, he also has NOT broken out after eating the same foods, and being around his bed and on the couch. It flairs a couple of times a day really bad, and then goes away only to flair again a few hours later. He woke up from his nap today with his face and neck and hands (the only exposed parts of his body) inflamed though he went to bed fine and hadn't eaten anything that should have caused it. Then it went away only to flair up again an hour later all over the place when all he had had was plain popcorn. It does not appear to be food linked. And it's not what we washed his sheets in because that's the same thing I wash his clothes in, and he doesn't break out where his clothes are touching him. Though it only seems to be a little itchy to him, and doesn't slow him down (he's a happy boy), it looks aweful! He is going to the doctor on Monday. I wish we could figure this out, but research I have done says that it is common to never find the cause for hives and it will most likely go away in a few weeks on it's own. We are so stymied! Meanwhile, we look like bad parents who let their kid go around with a terrible rash. I had to be at church all morning today and there he was looking like he was eaten alive by a million mosquitoes.

Feb 8, 2008

Food allergies

It appears that you CAN have too much of a good thing. We think that we have it narrowed down. It's not the couch (hurray!), it's his favorite food - graham crackers. I gave him a couple for a snack tonight in his very sterile room and he immediately broke out and it's the only thing he ate right before he broke out the other two times. But we don't think it's the wheat in it, because he has had other wheat foods in the last couple of days that haven't made him break out. Huh.....I'm glad I know what food, but I'm still a little stimeyed as to why and what in it......

Hunter strikes again!

As I write this, my hands are reaking by the smell of my bubble bath that I didn't even get to enjoy, but perhaps I should back up a couple days to explain how I found myself in this predicament.
We spent a few months searching for the right loveseat for our new livingroom. We got it two days ago (very exciting), and we think Hunter is allergic to it. He has been breaking out in hives to an allergic reaction to something the last two days and that is the only new thing that has changed in our lives. I don't know what they treated the fabric with, but Hunter has had rashes all over his hands, legs, and up his face. It looks terrible! We have the couch covered and he has strict instructions to stay away from it until we can narrow down that that is what it is. Too bad, cause I rather like our new loveseat a lot. It's amazing how quickly he breaks out and it starts spreading.
Anyhow, Tone washed all his bedding just to rule out something there, and so for naptime today, Hunter had to sleep in our room (his bed wasn't ready yet). The last thing he said to me as I left the room was, "Mommy I won't touch your things." Famous last words.
I went in at one point and he had gotten into my eyeshadow and had tiger stripes on his face. I got after him and told him to lay down and that that was not a good idea. He would be in trouble when I got him up from his nap. He said, "All right, Mommy. I'm sorry. I won't touch it again."
Well, it got pretty quiet and Tone said that he thought he should check on him. Tone (laughing)came and got me and told me to go see what he had been up to. Hunter had taken getting into my makeup to the next level. It was all over the floor, and he had dug out all of the little colors out of the eye makeup and smeared them. Then he found a tube of lipstick and wrote all around the bathroom with that. He found my boxes of earrings and change and dumped them out on the floor, and then hid the boxes in Tone's dresser drawers. Then he moved on the the lotions and bath bubbles. He pulled out and popped the little bath balls, lotioned himself up, and then dumped a whole new bottle of my expensive favorite bath bubbles down the drain and all over the floor of the tub. Like I said, my whole house smells of my favorite lotion/bath bubbles, but I didn't get to enjoy them. He loves watching me putting on makeup and lotion, and this was just the chance he had been waiting for. He didn't appear that sorry.
Hunter got a spank, had to help clean up, and is currently spending the rest of the day in his room. He does not get to come out and has his food and potty chair in there even. But I still don't think he is that sorry.

Feb 1, 2008

A Christmas Story

Hunter thought he would borrow my glasses to wear. Hahahahahahah! I think he looks like the kid on Christmas Story!

We were reading our Bible story before we went to bed tonight and we were reading the story of Nicodemus. I read that Nicodemus was asking Jesus how to get to heaven and I told Hunter that heaven was the most beautiful, wonderful place ever. After reassuring him that Mommy, Daddy, Ainsley and Grandad were going there too (he wanted to know), Hunter told me, "Mommy, this house is heaven. It's the most wonderful place ever!" And he gestured around the living room. I asked him if he loved our home, and he said, "Oh yes, I do Mommy!" It really touched me that he thought that (he's still in the phase that he wants to marry mommy when he grows up). I told him Jesus' house was even better! He told me he didn't think so.