Feb 23, 2008

Ainsley is up to many things.

Isn't she sweet when she is sleeping? I love it. When she wakes up, she flips over onto her belly and cranes her head up as far as she can so see over the railing and wails for me. I come in, and she's trying to see who's coming with a wide grin on her face. "You rescued me!"
Her new thing is that she dances and tries to say "mommy." Two different tricks. When I ask her to dance, she shakes her head back and forth and wiggles with a huge grin. It's adorable. Whenever she wants me, she says, "mamamah!" but today she actually got closer to saying "Mommy!" For a while I thought it was just a sound she was making, but now it's obvious that she does it to get my attention because she wants me.
She still won't sit up. She can, but never wants to. Once she realizes she is in the sitting position, she throws herself backwards as hard as she can. Needless to say, I don't sit her up unless I am right behind her ready. She would rather hang upside down or be on her belly where she can crawl around.
Last night she finally figured out that she could move the walker around while she was in it, and was trying to push it around in the kitchen to get into things. She grabbed my dishtowels, the magnets off the fridge, tried to open drawers...here come trouble. She is not a calm child but very busy and loud. She shrieks and lot and is constantly trying to get whatever Hunter is playing with. She is never interested in her own toys. The object of interest is whatever someone else has. She'll grab it, study it, and then look to see what else you have that might be interesting. Hunter is going nuts trying to play around her. He shares with her really well, but she doesn't want what he gives her. She wants what he has. But he adores his sissy and can't get enough of her. How is it that I didn't get even one calm, studious child; but loud, busy children?

Hunter's hives are gone. They just sortof ended as quickly as they came for no apparent reason. I found out this is a common thing to have happen and it has to do with your immune system just going bonkers for a while for no reason the doctor's can find, and usually it goes away within three weeks. Odd isn't it?

Here are some favorite pictures that I have taken recently for those of you who don't see my myspace page. I took them over the last weekend when my family was here for Krista and Rick's birthday. We had a lot of fun playing outside in our backyard.

We are pretending to sled in the snow, and Hunter is posing for a future t-ball pic it looks like. Next year he can play!
Ainsley wouldn't take her thumb out of her mouth, and this is the only one I could get Hunter to sit and smile for.

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  1. Ainsley looks so small! In the pictures by herself she looks like she could be closer to Luke's size, but she is definitely a cute little peanut! :)