Feb 29, 2008

A bonus day

Apparently, Tone didn't leave out the paint. He had put it away on the workbench. So, Hunter snuck into the garage and found it and decided the garage door would be a nice place to paint a bit of yellow. Gotta hand it to him.

Today is leap year day, and it was so great, it was like an extra bonus day of the year. I went to my Mom's group at church where I always get little tidbits of encouragement and ideas to try at home, and it was a nice place to laugh about Hunter with some ladies who were understanding. I love my group.

We went to McDonalds to play and then we went to Target to get Ainsley a swimsuit and look at the garden stuff. I found a rocking chair for the front porch and found plants to put in my pots by the front door. I let Hunter pick and he picked orange daisies. I picked a gardenia. He LOVED the garden area and looking at all the flowers and the fountains.

It was in the 80's this afternoon, so I let Hunter play in his swimming pool. He has been asking almost everyday since October (rain or shine) if he can get it out and go swimming. I was so excited to get it out today . I meant for Ainsley to try it out for the first time, but wouldn't you know it, she took a three hour nap. She hasn't taken a nap that long in about 3 months, so I kept checking on her, but she was snoring. She woke up way too late to model her new swimsuit, so maybe another day. Who woulda thunk you could actually play in the kiddie pool in February?! We even ate popsicles. I even wore a sundress all day and I worked in my flower garden. My Narcissus bulbs around my trees in the front bloomed out yesterday, and I was thinking today that they look pretty cute and springy.
He was so much better today, it was unbelievable. We chatted all day long and had so much fun together. He was so sweet and cute and OBEDIANT. The spank and time in his room for painting the door and picking my flowers was still very much in the front of his brain. He still managed to get a spank for open defiance at the end of the day, but overall, he was great. He has a little plastic fishing pole that he uses in the bath. He was taking a bath and sissy was outside next to the tub babbling at him. He knows to keep it in the tub because it drips, but he couldn't resist putting it over the side of the tub and dripping it on her head just to see what she would do. Poor sissy. Hunter thought it was great. So great he did it two more times after I told him not to. Then it was poor Hunter. Back to his room he went for a while.

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