Feb 1, 2008

A Christmas Story

Hunter thought he would borrow my glasses to wear. Hahahahahahah! I think he looks like the kid on Christmas Story!

We were reading our Bible story before we went to bed tonight and we were reading the story of Nicodemus. I read that Nicodemus was asking Jesus how to get to heaven and I told Hunter that heaven was the most beautiful, wonderful place ever. After reassuring him that Mommy, Daddy, Ainsley and Grandad were going there too (he wanted to know), Hunter told me, "Mommy, this house is heaven. It's the most wonderful place ever!" And he gestured around the living room. I asked him if he loved our home, and he said, "Oh yes, I do Mommy!" It really touched me that he thought that (he's still in the phase that he wants to marry mommy when he grows up). I told him Jesus' house was even better! He told me he didn't think so.

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