Feb 9, 2008


Well, we don't know what's causing it. It doesn't appear to be a food allergy, detergent allergy, pollen or product allergy. While he has broken out after eating certain foods, and broken out while on our couch or in his bed, he also has NOT broken out after eating the same foods, and being around his bed and on the couch. It flairs a couple of times a day really bad, and then goes away only to flair again a few hours later. He woke up from his nap today with his face and neck and hands (the only exposed parts of his body) inflamed though he went to bed fine and hadn't eaten anything that should have caused it. Then it went away only to flair up again an hour later all over the place when all he had had was plain popcorn. It does not appear to be food linked. And it's not what we washed his sheets in because that's the same thing I wash his clothes in, and he doesn't break out where his clothes are touching him. Though it only seems to be a little itchy to him, and doesn't slow him down (he's a happy boy), it looks aweful! He is going to the doctor on Monday. I wish we could figure this out, but research I have done says that it is common to never find the cause for hives and it will most likely go away in a few weeks on it's own. We are so stymied! Meanwhile, we look like bad parents who let their kid go around with a terrible rash. I had to be at church all morning today and there he was looking like he was eaten alive by a million mosquitoes.

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