Feb 11, 2008


Ainsley can hold her own bottle, but sees it more as a toy and for recreation than for serious eating.
Ainsley is on our new couch!
This is Ainsley waking up from her morning nap. Big stretches!
Aren't they cute together? Hunter thought that they should snuggle for the picture. It was a great idea until she started grabbing and pulling on his hair and ear.
Ainsley is pulling on his ear. I didn't include the picture snapped two seconds later of him mad at her for pulling on it, or the picture I took two seconds after that where she is crying because he pushed her.
Hey Mommy!

How Ainsley always falls asleep. Classic Ainsley pose.

Well, howdy partner! I love my hat and suspenders!
PS. Today I put Hunter on a wheat/gluten free diet and so far we are outbreak free.

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