Feb 8, 2008

Hunter strikes again!

As I write this, my hands are reaking by the smell of my bubble bath that I didn't even get to enjoy, but perhaps I should back up a couple days to explain how I found myself in this predicament.
We spent a few months searching for the right loveseat for our new livingroom. We got it two days ago (very exciting), and we think Hunter is allergic to it. He has been breaking out in hives to an allergic reaction to something the last two days and that is the only new thing that has changed in our lives. I don't know what they treated the fabric with, but Hunter has had rashes all over his hands, legs, and up his face. It looks terrible! We have the couch covered and he has strict instructions to stay away from it until we can narrow down that that is what it is. Too bad, cause I rather like our new loveseat a lot. It's amazing how quickly he breaks out and it starts spreading.
Anyhow, Tone washed all his bedding just to rule out something there, and so for naptime today, Hunter had to sleep in our room (his bed wasn't ready yet). The last thing he said to me as I left the room was, "Mommy I won't touch your things." Famous last words.
I went in at one point and he had gotten into my eyeshadow and had tiger stripes on his face. I got after him and told him to lay down and that that was not a good idea. He would be in trouble when I got him up from his nap. He said, "All right, Mommy. I'm sorry. I won't touch it again."
Well, it got pretty quiet and Tone said that he thought he should check on him. Tone (laughing)came and got me and told me to go see what he had been up to. Hunter had taken getting into my makeup to the next level. It was all over the floor, and he had dug out all of the little colors out of the eye makeup and smeared them. Then he found a tube of lipstick and wrote all around the bathroom with that. He found my boxes of earrings and change and dumped them out on the floor, and then hid the boxes in Tone's dresser drawers. Then he moved on the the lotions and bath bubbles. He pulled out and popped the little bath balls, lotioned himself up, and then dumped a whole new bottle of my expensive favorite bath bubbles down the drain and all over the floor of the tub. Like I said, my whole house smells of my favorite lotion/bath bubbles, but I didn't get to enjoy them. He loves watching me putting on makeup and lotion, and this was just the chance he had been waiting for. He didn't appear that sorry.
Hunter got a spank, had to help clean up, and is currently spending the rest of the day in his room. He does not get to come out and has his food and potty chair in there even. But I still don't think he is that sorry.

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