Feb 20, 2008


Hunter says some funny things. Here is a sampling from the last couple of days:

Conversation with Grandmom:
After a long conversation about the zoo....
"Grandmom, did your Father take you to the zoo?"
"I think that he did."
"Well, my Father doesn't take me to the zoo. He doesn't care about me." Very seriously, sadly, with a straight face.

I mean, "Father?" Really? Where did he get that word? And where did he get this phrase? I mean it is true that I am the one who usually takes him to the zoo, but this sounds like more drama than a teenage girl....
Mom says that she could just imagine him saying this to his Sunday School teacher and she'll be thinking that he was abandoned or abused.

Outside when we are playing and sitting around:
"Hey, could we get some food out here or something? I'm starving!"
How rude of him.

He walks into the room where Krista and I are talking:
"What going on in here, kids?!"

Anytime he disagrees with me:
"I don't sink (think) so Mommy! Cuz that doesn't make sense!"
Oh, but I do think so.

He tacks on "actually" to the end of all his statements. "I don't sink I need a nap today Mommy, actually." I actually think you do buddy.

He replies to all questions with "that's why"...before he gives an explanation.
Example: "Why did you do that Hunter?"
"That's why, I just wanted to."

If he can't do something:
"I can't how to! That's why!"

His talking is alternately getting him into big trouble, and getting a lot of laughs.

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