Feb 28, 2008

Living room paint and Imaginings

This picture is a picture of true love. Tone could care less about my painting idea, but he is helping me paint it before we get my piano this next month. So we don't have to move the piano twice.
It really is a lovely shade of medium green which doesn't show up here. I have 12 more boxes of children's books to put in here. No joke. I have quite the library. It has his airplane memorabilia up on the walls. An old air chart of San Francisco, tickets and postcards from when his grandma flew in the 1940's, clocks for airports in the four time zones (San Francisco, Denver, Chicago, New York). This room also holds his drums and my future piano. A book and music room.
Ainsley loved riding this bike and getting pushed around on it. Hunter calls it the happy-poppity-pop-pop bike. She takes her riding very seriously, and doesn't like to get off.
We start them young in our family. I guess we figure we're getting them closer to the "real" thing. Dirt bikes and snowmoblies.
I told Hunter to pick out his clothes. This is what he came out with. He thought it was very silly and is making a silly face to go with it.

Hunter and I imagine a lot of things together. We have a little green man who lives behind our couch. With a baby and a preschooler in the house, there are a lot of bodily functions and smells that go with them. We blame them all on the little green man behind the couch. I asked Hunter is his name was Fred or George. Umm, Mommy, his name is Karen. He doesn't know a Karen that I am aware of, so I don't know where he got this name. But Karen can be very noisy and smelly at times.
We also have a family of elephants living in our backyard according to Hunter. Yesterday, however, they died. After they stomped on my flowers of course. Hunter reported this to me. The real story is that Hunter picked them all again. Sad.
Many trees here are covered in snow white flowers right now, so we look for "popcorn" trees as we drive down the road.
Tone left out some construction yellow paint from a project. I was unaware of this until I discovered Hunter had rolled it up my side garage door. Very neatly too. *sigh* Luckily it came off.

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