Feb 13, 2008

The Perfect Day

Ainsley is blowing raspberries in between eating her feet.
Tone fixing the bike.
Ainsley on her blanket. She kept tentatively touching the grass, making a grimace, and then try to touch it again.
Mommy and Ainsley having fun.
Ainsley's favorite place to be.
Hunter and his dump truck. You can still see the red spots on his face. Cutting all wheat has not totally gotten rid of them. After we rule out wheat, we will try ruling out soy.

Daddy showing Hunter how to peddle.
Ainsley loves Hunter's new ball. She can play too!
Hunter is pretending to be a tiger in his cave.
I'm doing it Mom!

Yesterday was a perfect day. I got the house picked up (which is important to my peace of mind) and Tone came home around noon. He set up his surround sound which came in the mail, and the kids were napping and I had time to read a magazine. It was gorgeous outside and when Hunter got up he wanted to go out. I took the kids outside and soon Tone joined me. The four of ended up playing and snacking and staying out until dark enjoying our nice yard. A couple of beers, snacks and drinks together, riding bikes, BBQing for dinner, playing soccer on the lawn, good quality chats.....After a good dinner, we put the kids to bed and watched a movie and then Rob and Big (hilarious!). While we were watching this, Tone decided to paint my toes and french manicure my fingernails. Fun!

PS. My yard looks pretty dead at the moment since nothing has grown in yet. I do have some yellow crocus bulbs blooming though. Hunter thought he would pick them all today though, and I found him with a little bouquet clutched in his fist. *sigh* He loves the garden he helped me plant and can't leave it alone. He just loves to help me weed!

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  1. Sounds great!

    Two questions:
    - Have you gone back to work after all? Do you have to?
    - What does the Dr. say is up with Hunter and his spots?

    Hope you had another great day!

    PS - yes i am home alone on Valentine's Day writing comments on your blog - the life of a youth pastor's wife when valentine's day falls on youth group night! :)