Mar 3, 2008

Daddy's wake up call

Hunter woke up Daddy this morning. I thought it was great. Daddy didn't. Tone was sleeping with his head under the pillow. Hunter snuck in with a little stuffed rooster that crows when you squeeze it. We were both still asleep. He quietly snuck up to Daddy's side of the bed, quickly stuffed the rooster underneath the pillow right next to Daddy's ear and squeezed. It was awesome how far Tone jumped and gasped. Couldn't have pulled a better trick on him myself. Hunter giggled and giggled, even after Daddy got mad at him.

We all went for a walk this evening which we like to do when Daddy is home on nice evenings before it gets dark. We have a lot of Indian people who live in our neighborhood, and they are often out walking too. A man with a long white beard and a turban on passed us, but we were talking and not paying much attention, until Hunter said, "Oh, Santa Claus just passed us Daddy!"

I wondered why the heck God would give me such a full-of-it, strong-willed, stubborn, learn-everything-the-hard-way child. I think it is so bring me down and make me dependent on Him and pray a LOT for my children. I am pretty confident in my parenting skills (having learned great parenting skills from great parents and having a lot of years of teaching under my belt) and I think an average kid would just not make me so dependent on God. But since Hunter would challenge even a perfect parent (of which I most definately am not), I have to lean very hard on God and trust a lot that my prayers and God will make up the gaps. This fact finally dawned on me this week as I was asking God for the hundredth time, "WHY!?" Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love Hunter's personality and couldn't want him any other way, but he constantly challeges me on a minute by minute basis.

PS Guess who picked all my flowers AGAIN today. He just cannot leave those crocus bulbs alone. If I make my discipline on that any harsher, it will borderline cruel and unsual. He knows what will happen, but he just has to pick them anyways.


  1. heheh Santa Claus just passed us

  2. oh my have the funniest life! thanks for sharing...even the gory stuff. thanks, also, for reminding me to pray.