Mar 28, 2008

Easter happenings.

The Easter egg hunt. Hunter was not that good at finding the eggs which were right in front of him so he was hilarious to watch. He looked and looked and got so excited when he found one that was so obvious to the rest of us. A crack-up.
Checking out his bounty.
Hunter thought that when I wore these purple teeth I was a crack-up. Ainsley thinks that they are somewhat puzzling, but very interesting.
Hunter is trying his best to be scary too. I think I am scarier.
Hunter and Auntie Krista at the beach.
Me, Ainsley and Grandmom are watching Auntie Krista, Grandad and Hunter frolick in the waves.

Mommy and Hunter had a great time.

Hunter is chasing a seagull at Lover's Point in his Lightning McQueen underwear. I didn't know we were going to the beach so I didn't bring his swim suit. As each piece of clothing got wet, he slowly stripped down.
Ainsley did not like the feel of sand and was happier on a towel.
This was before everything got wet.
Mommy enjoying her girl.
Happy Easter!

Ainsley loves the swings!

Daddy built this fountain for mommy. It runs off of solar energy, but you can also still use the hand pump to get water out. Hunter loves it!
My "new" old piano. It was free though and in really good shape for being around 60 years old.
Palm Sunday outfits before church.
My sweet girl.
We are ready to go to church on Easter. She is in a bonnet, tights, dress shoes, bloomers, frilly dress and a fancy sweater...poor girl. As you can tell, she looks thrilled about it too.

I have been in and out of Salinas visiting family a lot this past week. We had good times. One day was so warm that we went to the beach with Auntie Krista, Grandmom and Grandad. Hunter absolutely loved it! We also got to hang out with good friends while the kids were with my parents, and we got my new piano (which I am loving)!
Hunter has been up to his usual things this week. While Grandmom and Grandad were babysitting him, they had their community group over. They put him to bed in their craft room but apparently Hunter decided he was not tired. He got out all of my mom's craft scissors and snuck out and laid them out on the floor in the front bathroom. I find this to be slightly odd and random. What else was he doing in there? Then he took the lids off her markers and decorated the window sill. Mind you, he did this while they were having community group over, so the whole group got to observe his disobediance when he was discovered. Good thing I am not easily embarrassed! I wasn't that surprised when I found out about it.
He helped himself to his own potty training reward this week while we were working out in the yard. He did "big ones" so he decided he was not going to tell us about it, but just help himself. He dragged the heavy bar stool to the closet they are in, reached up to the top shelf, got the bag of cars down, and brought out the one he picked to us. Even on the stool I was surprised he could reach it. There is no place in this house that he can't figure out how to get into so we are just working on teaching him what things are off-limits.
He also decided to "gell" sissy's hair this morning. Except she is bald and doesn't have any hair worth speaking of. I found her with gell dripping down the sides of her head and it spread all over the top and sides. He didn't miss a single spot on her little bald head. She was pretty happy though and Hunter had already forgotten about that fun game and was in the other room when she was discovered.
He also last week found the gell and decided to FEED it to Ainsley. I was in the bedroom and I heard her saying, "Mo, Mo!" (more, more) and Hunter was giggling. He had found a knitting needle that had been left out and was sticking it down into the gell and using it as a spoon to feed it to her. She was on the floor licking it and asking for more! Hunter was having so much fun "feeding" his sissy! OH MY WORD!
He then went outside today and was way too quiet. I found him dumping dirt with a shovel into the fountain. It must have seemed pretty fun, but I wasn't that excited about cleaning out the fountain. He also decided while I was cleaning inside that I was taking way too long bringing him lunch so he brought out strawberries and crackers for a picnic outside (I didn't know this of course). He got into the pantry and fridge and brought it out. He carefully ate just one bite off the bottoms of all the strawberries and neatly put them back in the container.
I love my son and daughter! And no, I don't make this stuff up. You know, he's pretty good about not doing things I have already asked him not to do, but how do I know to warn him not to feed gell to his sister? Staying one step ahead of him really keeps me on my toes. I just tell him now, "If it's not yours, don't touch it!"

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