Mar 30, 2008

Gender stereotyping and other thoughts

This picture is just included to show how bald my poor little dear really is. Poor poor thing. If you squint there is some peach fuzz that is strawberry blond.
She hates the grass and she is trying desperately to keep any body part not covered in clothing off of it.
Don't let it touch me Mommy!

She also has learned to pull up and she was "helping" Hunter build his train track. She kept getting up and falling because once she's up she forgets all about holding on and gets interested in whatever she can grab and play with. She does a neat tuck-and-roll type of fall to get back down and doesn't get hurt that often. However, she did fall on Hunter's little plastic zoo animals soon after this and that hurt her a bit.
Ainsley loves throwing balls. Hunter never did, but she does. When we were at my Mom's this last weekend, she spent about a half hour or more throwing a rubber ball that bounced on the kitchen floor, crawling to wherever it rolled and throwing it again.
We're #1! Notice they are both wearing their Oakland A's hat's.
I threw it really far didn't I?!
We are both sooooooo big!

As you can see from this video, Hunter would rather dress the part, than BE the part. Sissy could care less about dressing the part, she wants to play! Which brought up and interesting thought in my head. Hunter is not that interested in playing with his balls. He will for a couple minutes but then he is done. Sissy at 9 months plays as long as he does or longer. What if it's my GIRL that becomes interested in sports and is the couch potato with Daddy and watches each and every sport as if her life depended on knowing the game, while Hunter could care less? That would not be the picture I had in mind of what I thought my boy and girl would be like. Not that Ainsley's interest in throwing a ball and Hunter's lack of means anything at this point, but it did make me think.....

As a parent I had this grand thought about all the things that Ainsley and I could do together, maybe crafting and shopping, and doing girl stuff. What if she's not interested or a girly-girl like I am? I guess I would bond with her in a much different way than I thought. And of course I figured that Hunter and Tone would bond throwing the ball around you know...but gender doesn't really mean anything in the sports realm. It could be all backwards. Time will tell, but that would be pretty funny I think. But I would be happy either just got me thinking about parent's preconceived ideas and how that doesn't always play out.

By the way, Hunter almost killed the both of them today. He pulled over a heavy desk on top of the two of them (think small roll-top type). He was getting up on a chair to get something off the top and pulled the whole thing over. The desk fell onto the chair which pinned Hunter with Ainsley underneath him. Ainsley was at the bottom of the pile and came out unscathed. Barely even cried. Hunter just had a little scrape. We think the chair saved them from getting the full force of the fall. Scared Tone and I to death as we were sitting with our back to it when it happened. It only broke the bottom off of a glass bowl I had on top too. Nothing else was damaged which is AMAZING!

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