Mar 15, 2008

Swing set and easter eggs

These are some examples of Ukranian Pysanky eggs that I like to make every year. I love the black designs the best, but I usually give my best ones away, so I never have any to show off at my house.
My Pysanki egg. I decorate these Ukranian eggs and they are raw. The dye seals them and they last for years. I had two in the bowl. Now I have one. I had a really pretty flowered one. Bet you can guess who destroyed it. Hunter broke it and got rid of the evidence. I looked down and saw that there was only one in the bowl and no sign of the other one. I asked Hunter where it was and he said Daddy put it in the garbage. I asked Daddy. Daddy said he didn't touch my egg. So that's strike two against Hunter now. The full story, I found out, is that Hunter was looking for treats in easter eggs, and thought he would crack it open. Then he remember that I told him not to touch my eggs and that they were only to look at. Besides, there was only dried up yucky stuff in there, he said. So he carefully got up all the pieces and hid them in the bottom of the garbage can. He was really mad that there wasn't any treats in them. He wanted to know where the ones with the treats are. So that was Hunter's first lie that he has ever told, and he paid for it. He's getting more clever.
Luckily, I reordered the kit to make more eggs and so I am going to make more this year.

I let Hunter paint easter eggs. This is the much simpler version of dunking them in a color and put an easter sticker or two on it.
He was very excited to do this and really liked putting a different color on each side.
Amost done...
This is how sissy got in on the action. She ate cherrios and felt like she was participating too.
Painting them is fun, eating them...not so much. I'm not sure if Hunter had ever had an egg hard-boiled before. This is what he thought of his first bite. But he kept going and eventually told me he likes the white part, but not the sqooshy yellow part.
Yesterday, when he woke up he told me he was "very sick Mommy. Because I am coughing and blushwing." He meant blushing, but I'm not sure where he learned the word or how he thought it had something to do with being sick. He wasn't sick at all either. It was a ploy for attention.

Ainsley learned to pull herself up two days ago. Here she is on her first try. I quickly snuck behind her and got the camera out to capture this. She's a bit wobbly here....
But eventually tada! She fell backwards to get down (she hasn't a clue how to do that yet) hit her head, cried, and went right back to the table. After pulling herself up, falling straight backwards and clunking her head, crying, and then going for the table again THREE MORE TIMES...I finally thought enough was enough and moved her out of the way. She was still crying the fourth time as she went for the table again. Persistant little bugger.
Here is the new swing set we got Hunter yesterday. Within a half hour of playing on it, he fell off the swing and knocked the wind out of himself, ran down the slide standing up and fell, and then stood on top of the slide and said he was going to fly to the moon like a bird (see photo). He's in love with it. Apparently some safety training will have to be done here.

And finally little Ainsley the performing monkey. She is showing off her tricks. She has to think about each one though for a while before she does it though. She is performing "fish faces","so strong", "dancing" and "so big" for you. I wish you could watch a video of her watching this video. She loves to watch herself and squeals loudly with a big grin on her face. When I ask her to do each thing on the video, she does it as she watches it. Much better than she actually does it in this video. Hilarious.

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