Apr 10, 2008

Awefully cute garden pictures and other thoughts

I was thinking that it's awefully amazing how I can be yin and yang in the same day. I have a great day showing God's love, and then also blow it in the same day. Yesterday I was substitute teaching 6th grade (which was great because middle school is easy for me) and I had a blast. The kids enjoyed me and I enjoyed the kids. For an hour or so, they were assigned work to do on their own, so I sat down and got out my Bible study while they worked. I didn't say anything, but at the end of the day the kids were pretty bummed that I wasn't coming back the next day. I am not sure if any of them noticed what I was reading, but if so, I hope that my actions left a good impression on what someone who reads the Bible is like. So that was the good half of the day. Then I got home and for some reason I was exhausted. Hunter was having a particularly hard time and the daily normal grind really got to me and I was impatient and snappish with my own family. When I finally got to retreat and take a shower, I was much better, but so much for being loving by that point. How can I be so nice to 30 strangers and then be ready to kill my son by the time I get home?! My heart really isn't hypocritical since normally I am great with own family (I think), but still, the contrast yesterday wasn't good.
Well, today I went out in the yard and took some cute pictures of my kids. I took about 100, but these were the cutest. Also, I heard Ainsley and Hunter cracking up in the next room, so I went to go get a video of it. Don't you want to live at my house?! Well, that's true, maybe relaxing isn't the first word that came to mind as I watched this video.

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