Apr 7, 2008

Baby carries and Hunter's dance moves

I found this great website while I was looking for ways to carry a bigger baby. http://www.wearyourbaby.org/

It was such a great idea, I took pictures of her in it in the mirror, so that I could share them with you.

It showed a million and one different ways to wear your baby using only fabric - not fancy carriers. I found this one called the Tibetan carry and it is a godsend. Usually I struggle to clean my house because Ainsley doesn't like me out of her site and she fusses the whole time while I go from room to room. I found a this way to put her on my back which is actually quite easy and it's really comfy and secure. It took a little practice and a couple of the carries weren't that easy for me, so I decided not to try them. But once I figured it out it felt more comfortable than my expensive front pack, and then it seemed really easy. She loves it, and even snuggled down in it and started to fall asleep. I feel like I'm getting in touch with my ancestral roots. All you need for the carries they show is a long piece of fabric (about 6 yards and 20 inches wide). Anyhow, it might look silly, but it sure isn't! I thought I would take some pictures of myself wearing it should any of you other moms have the same problem. I even had Hunter (and he's big) in a hip carry that they had on there and he couldn't get out of it (The front cross over carry but worn on your hip, should you want to know), and this same carry that I have Ainsley in here, I had Hunter in, just tied on the waist also to carry the support there. I could totally carry him that way! They even have ways to nurse privately while you carry your baby. I tried it and it also worked pretty well with Ainsley, but she was getting lively and wanted to see out, so I switched her to my back. I cleaned the whole house with her here. I can't do that with the front pack. I could bend down, pick things up, move quickly, and her little hands were out of the way too and not grabbing what I was going for. LOVE IT! Why didn't I know this before!

Ainsley feels like such a big girl on her little trike!

Here are some dance moves that Hunter and Ainsley can do. I think they are funny. They love to dance to the very annoying beat of this electronic keyboard that Grandad and Grandmom brought Hunter. Thank you so much you two.
Anyhow, I did not show Hunter any of his moves, so don't blame any of his nerdiness on me! He came up with all of them himself.


  1. I think the baby carrier thing is cute. As for Hunter's dance moves... too funny. Although, I do admit the first thing I noticed in the video was your awesome built-in entertainment center. Nice work, Tone!

  2. I don't know you but I enjoyed reading your sight. I found it b/c I googled my kids names and saw it. I have a Hunter and Ainsley also!