Apr 23, 2008

Getting crafty

I could write about how Hunter plugged both toilets with full rolls of toilet paper, gave Ainsley a black eye, and ripped apart my stamps and threw the pieces in the garbage and hid the other half in the closet, all in a matter of three days last week, but I am refraining. Enough about him. We all know his tendencies by now. I would rather share other fun things.

So I decided to get crafty and make some things for the baby shower and first birthday party that I went to this weekend. I found this pattern online for baby shoes and made some for Ainsley, Heather's new baby, and Piper. Piper was turning one so I had to enlarge the pattern a little. Once I made the little brown and pink shoes for Ainsley, I decided that it also needed a dress and hairbow to go with it, so I made them too. Piper's little outfit I found at The Children's Place, so I just made some shoes to go with it. I also made a nursing pancho and and baby book for Heather's baby girl. I love my nursing pancho because it's more modest than the ones you can buy in the store and I also have used it as a burp rag, sun shield, blanket, etc. I go nowhere without it. As a second time Mom, I now don't feel the need to bring EVERYTHING with me when I go out. Sometimes the pancho and an extra diaper is all I need and they fit right in my purse.

(I just made the blue shoes to go with this outfit that I bought)
(Ainsley looks so cute in this!)

Last week, we had a family day to the zoo since we are members and it was such a nice day. Hunter and Daddy had a lot of fun petting the sting rays. They feel so slippery and smooth and they were swimming right up to our hands to glide right by us. Hunter was a little scared when they flipped their fins at him and splashed him. I didn't know why he was so skittish until we got home and he told me that he was afraid of their stinger. I guess I neglected to tell him that they couldn't sting him. Ooops! He was pretty brave in that case because I kept making him stick his hands in the water to touch them. He had fun though and thought they were pretty great. He laughed and laughed at them.

These next pictures are for those of you who asked what our finished living room looked like. My apologies to those who just like to see kid pictures. We just got the reclining love seat and table and chairs. We feel like we are living in luxury with all this nice furniture! (By the way, Tone made the bookshelf and TV built-in. There was just a big alcove/hole in that space when we moved in.) The table pulls out into a square shape so we can fit eight chairs.

Our entry way. The last picture I showed some of you had it filled with boxes from moving in. The book/music room and hallway is to the left, dining room to the right, living room straight ahead.

Yes, It is warm enough already in Fresno to model the bathing suits. They sat in the kiddie pool and ate watermelon. Talk about a mess by the time they were through! I have banned watermelon from the house and it's to eat in kiddie pools only.
Hunter found a headband of mine and socks with toes. He thinks they are great to wear together!
Next year, we have decided that I won't work afterall. I know I had posted that I would probably try to find a part-time job, but with California giving pink slips to teachers everywhere, and United airlines deciding this last month to halt all hiring for the rest of this year, we decided to keep things status quo. There is also the possibility of Tone going to Jet Blue airlines. He would make in five years what he would make in 17 at the airline he is at now. We never thought of them before since they are an east coast airline, but they just announced that they are opening up a base in Oakland in June. We'll see as all the airlines aren't doing so great right now with the cost of fuel being as high as it is. So we are in the process of researching them out. The good news is, they pay more that United does the first year, so we could probably squeak by (by cutting out everything) that first year without me working.
Other good news I received this week: I went in and cleared my teaching credential and I was told that I no longer have to do anything to keep it up. I am officially done jumping through state hoops! A new bill is being passed that I no longer have to work 150 hours in the classroom every five years to keep it. Arnie actually is doing something good for us teachers, if you believe it. I didn't. I went, "Wait, what?! NO!!!" The lady doing my paperwork had to convince me it was true. Every five years, I just go online and pay the fee ($55) and that renews it. You have no idea how great this sounds to me. With 42+ units, 4 difficult state tests, 4 years of different mentoring programs (i.e. just a ton of extra paperwork), a CPR class, and a large project under my belt (the equivalency of a masters) just to get the dang credential, I better not have to jump through any more hoops! But alas! In New York (one of the only other states who requires extra work after a BA for a credential), they actually give you a masters for all your trouble. Not so in California! I get a piece of paper that has "Cleared Teaching Credential" typed on it. This is my eighth year of teaching in the classroom in some capacity. It's about time.


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