Apr 30, 2008

Going down the slide

I videotaped Ainsley going down the slide headfirst. She had a bit of a rough landing in this video, but she recovered quickly and was back at it again two seconds later. She had already done it a bunch of times (a lot more smoothly) before I decided to get the camera for a video of it. It appears I have a rough and tumble kid....again.

Ainsley has been trying to say "cracker" this week, and she is eating a lot more solid food like cooked carrots and peas, strawberries, and sweet potatoes.

Other news and thoughts: I met with the youth pastor at our church today to discuss getting involved in youth group. I am excited! I love what the church is doing and the way they do things. Can't wait to start. I need more kids in my life too. I miss it when they are not around.

He asked me my philosophy on parenting as an unrelated question. I answered it, but on the way home I was thinking about my answer. In a round-about way I gave this answer. I wish I would have been more succint:

I want my children to choose wisely their Master, Mate, and Mission.

Their Master: Nothing is more important than loving and following God. I want my children to choose him and make Him head of all areas in their life. He is their hope, peace, joy, center, and Lord of all.

Mate: Hopefully my own marriage will be a role model in what a marriage should look like, and my friends role models in the type of friendships my children have. The people you surround yourself with shapes you. We were meant to live in community. And how can I begin to say how important choosing a good marriage partner is?!

Mission: All of us are here for a purpose. There are no accidents and we all have a place in God's kingdom to serve and be a part. I want to help my children explore, grow, and learn to be what they were designed to be. And while this probably evolves over the course of a lifetime, I want them to jump in and do what they were meant to do! (I also think that a lazy, rude, unmannered child will have a hard time being able to fulfill their "mission" so to speak, and won't be taken seriously or respected. Therefore, the reason I teach manners, hard work, discipline and self-control is so that they can be what they were meant to be.)

So these are the three things that drive the way I parent. I really want to instill these things in them.

Outside waiting for me to help her down the big slide.My rose tree out front is blooming and all of the rest of my flowers. Hunter is filling up our fountain. How is it possible that our garden just keeps getting prettier and prettier?! I am out in it at least once a day. It is so theraputic to me. It was a hot day and they played in the pool.This is Ainsley modeling the little outfit I made her. As I type this, the little bugger does not want to go to sleep and is screaming in the other room. Too bad, she's rubbing her eyes and obviously tired. The screaming seems to be slowing down, and I think she'll fall asleep soon.....I hope.

I wish I knew how to get this video turned around. I guess you'll have to watch it sideways. But she's pretty cute so I thought it was worth it. I also love the sniff she does at the end. Don't know why she does that all the time, but it's cute.

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