Apr 6, 2008

My little helper and lost contacts

Ainsley loves to follow me around from room to room. Yesterday she "helped" me while I loaded the dishwasher. She doesn't army crawl anymore, but has figured out the "real" crawl and is much faster now! She gets all over the house. I am writing this with both kids playing on the floor right next to me. I never go anywhere without them, even in my own house. It can be aggravating, but I am working on Hunter playing without me or in another room. The only time I get away from them is when I sub and then I'm with 20-30 other kids. Hardly relaxing.

I have been trying for weeks to get Ainsley to sign to me. I did this with Hunter and since he talked late, it was very effective for getting him to communicate with me. She won't do it. I have been doing "more" for months and she refuses. One day she just looked at me as I was signing to her over and over and said, "more, more!" So much for signing. She also says, "mama, dada, bye-bye, and Yay!" She copies our noises and tries to immitate what we are doing as much as possible. I don't think I really need to do signing with her.

This morning I went to go put in my contacts and the case was open. I was not aware that Hunter was in my bathroom this morning except for a couple minutes (I assumed going to the bathroom). I called him and asked him where the little round blue circles were. He admitted to taking them and he said he put one in the fan that was running by my bed, and he said he put one on Ainsley. "Where on Ainsley?" I asked him. "Down her pajammies on her back" was his reply. Nice. I didn't even bother to look. I just got a new pair and told him that my contacts were off limits.

Every night Hunter's prayer at bedtime is that Daddy will come home or stay home. Today I asked him why he wanted Daddy to come home. "So I can jump on him," he answered. He loves to wrestle with his daddy!

I will end this with Hunter's eyebrow trick. He's quite proud of it. He raises his eyebrows independently. I can't do this and neither can Daddy.


  1. OK, I'm dying on the floor laughing! The eyebrows!

    Also, I took your word for it, and ordered those two books. Thanks a ton for suggesting them!

  2. I love how Hunter purrs when he's concentrating.

  3. Eyebrows...hilarious. Especially the head wiggle while he's doing that.