Apr 30, 2008

Quick thoughts on prayer

Hunter recently has been asking me to pray for whatever pops into his head. And it's never a request but a statement. He usually starts, "I want to tell Jesus....". Then he just tells Jesus something. This is awkward for me because in the Christian community everything we pray becomes a prayer request. Think about it. We tell Jesus a situation and end it in a request. At every Bible study, "are there any prayer requests?" "How can I pray for you?" Yes, we also praise Him, but there are usually more requests. How interesting to pray just to tell Him something and make Him a part of my day. My son has been teaching me about prayer, and how there is more than just praises and requests.
Also, he emphatically tells me that he wants to see Jesus. I tell Him he is everywhere like the wind, you can't see it, but you can feel it and see it doing things. I'm not sure now if Hunter doesn't think Jesus IS the wind. But he gets the idea. When I notice something great, I tell him Jesus did it. When I ask for a request and it is answered, I explain it to Hunter. I am hoping Hunter understands....
Hunter tells me he doesn't love Jesus. That's fine, but I want him to know that Jesus loves him, and we talk about that everyday. I'm not sure Hunter's reasoning behind that statement. But a lot of Hunter's reasoning has not made sense lately, and it's been hard for me to get to the bottom of it. I know that Hunter is quite confused about God and who He is still, but he also surprises me with what he does understand. As he gets older, we can have better discussions. I do not want to pressure my son, but make God and talking about Him part of our daily life. Hunter always has many questions and we love to talk together.

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