Apr 3, 2008

Shout out to the hubby!

Before I get to the shout out...here are some pictures of the kids I took today and last night. Sissy really likes her bath, and couldn't wait to get in too!
Hi Mommy! Ainsley now has added waving and saying "bye bye" to her repetouire (spelling?) of tricks.
Hunter just adores his sissy.
He's helping her find a piece of grass to make a grass whistle out of.
She is not so thrilled in this picture. The grass feel was starting to get to her and she wanted off.
Now about my husband Tone, I have been thinking lately I have been very blessed. I have a husband who is not critical or judgemental about a single thing I do and never really has a complaint about how I run the house or the kids, but just supports me. How great is that?! We share our views and opinions openly and freely, and we are constant companions, talking about everything all the time. He helps pick up the house, deep clean the house, loads the washer and dryer (he has yet to ruin a piece of clothing as he is a good label reader), and is great with the kids. He helps cook, and is a super handyman around the house. I want something that can be made, and he takes it on. He built me a fountain and a trellis in the backyard just because I wanted it this month. Yesterday, he thought that I might be able to use a new dress for the cruise we are going on, and spent a couple hours with the kids and me, going to stores and helping me try on dresses. He had a LOT of patience for that. Tonight, my darling dear decided he should learn piano (since he just went and got a piano for me), so we went out and got him a beginner book and I listened to a couple hours of "music." But it was cute! We love to be together and even a run to the store is usually together. I gotta say that I lucked out!

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  1. Yay for a good man!

    Jenny Plumb - I think you are a remarkable mother. I am so impressed! Thank you so much for your thoughts on my blog and the book suggestions. I like the sound of the shepherding one, for sure.

    Hope you have a great day!