May 18, 2008


I have had a lot of fun with the kids since being back. Here are some pictures of some of the things that we have been up to. They have had a bad cold, so we have been entertaining ourselves at home, and you can see that we have had a lot of fun even though we have been stuck at our house.

Ainsley is playing in the sandbox. I did not know that babies had so many places on their bodies to collect sand. She loved it though. She tried to eat some, but that was no fun, so she quit eating it and just played.

Just Kidding! This is empty, but she didn't want her drink. She wanted mine. I let her have the can when I was done, and she just had to make sure there wasn't any more before she could be content with her own water bottle.

Just water. A little disappointing.
Pretending to be thoughtful.
We got Hunter some pirate paraphenalia when we were on our cruise and he loves dressing up as a pirate. He hates the earring though, and this is the only time he has worn it.
The sword and the eye patch are hands-down his favorite.

I decided to do some much needed weeding from our week of being gone. Our yard was almost overgrown. I put the kids in the shade in the kiddie pool, but Ainsley kept escaping to come "help" me play in the dirt. She was covered in dirt, but having fun.
Then I gave them Otter pops. Sissy devoured all of hers and screamed for more. Hunter can barely finish one. Sometimes, he just eats half.
Her belly and arms were stained orange for a couple of days.
I didn't want her swimsuit stained from the otter pop so I stripped her down. But she decided that it was more fun out of the pool. She kept escaping. She keeps making a beeline for the slide which she climbs up and sits on. I can't keep her off of it. (See my former blog to see a video on how she goes down it head first). She's quite dangerous on it, because she has no fear of it (even though she's fallen hard off of it half a dozen times).
Hunter found a lady bug and enjoyed it for a long time before it flew away.

Hunter is mowing the lawn too. He loves to help Daddy mow.
Yes, she can be a charmer when she wants to.
I think she is trying to charm me into giving her food which she eats like a champ.
Aisnley looking smart. She figured out how to match the animals on the magnetic puzzle and make them sing.
Look at those rubbery stick legs.

Getting into her drawers. She pulled out all of her bibs, and was putting as many as she could on her head for fun.
It's a pretty funny game.

Hunter is making sure Ainsley smells decent enough to be called clean and get out.
Hunter is bug collecting. He has his cage, plastic hammer, magnifying glass and plastic sword. He informed me these were the tools he needed to catch bugs. I am not sure what the hammer and sword are for, but apparently bugs are scary, and maybe some protection is needed.

We found one dead beetle and lots of slugs, which he is proudly showing off. I don't think that technically they are bugs, but it was hot out, I was done searching, and I let it count.

Then he brought them in the house. Notice the lid is not secure. I quickly made sure he knew to NOT open this up again!
His new pals, the slugs, are keeping him company while he colors in his room. They have actually gone with him to everyroom in the house that he visits.

Ainsley has had her nose wiped so many times this week that she is learning to do it herself. I took a video of it to share with you. I thought it was funny.

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