May 18, 2008

Our cruise

Leaving Miami for a week of fun! And we had a great time with Wyatt and Adrienne. We went to the Bahamas, St. Thomas and St. Maarten. At the Bahamas, we skipped all the people waiting for us at the dock, found a local who told us that the bus went to a great beach for $1.00 and we took the bus to a fantastic beach at a hotel resort. We had to sneak into it around the side, but we had a great morning laying out there and swimming. At St. Thomas, we shopped all morning, got some free jewelry, bought a new camera, and then found a beach to do some snorkeling all afternoon. At St. Maarten, we joined a tour that let you drive your little boat out around the island and snorkel at a wildlife preserve. Some of the fish were really cool. We swam right with them. Then we went to the beach that was right next to airport to watch the airplanes land right over our heads! Literally! Of course my husband knew about this and had to insist we go.

Enjoying our dining room at dinner.

Perfect Beaches! The beach at St. Thomas.
All dressed up for dinner.
We're off to go snorkeling! We discovered that what you could get away with in another country, you could not get away with in the United States. On this boat Tone got shocked a few times before we discovered that the batterey cord wasn't connected and was laying down in the water. Nice and safe. But the ride out to snorkeling was fun and we really enjoyed swimming with the fishies!

The airport at St. Maarten. I am in the white dress and the airplane is just 50 to 75 feet over my head landing on the other side of the road.
Watch out for airplanes. Read the sign. It's pretty awesome.

Formal night.
I just like this picture.

The four happy cruisers. Shopping in St. Thomas.

First formal night and sunset. It's a little blurry!
My dress matches the dining room.

last night on our cruise.

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