Jun 18, 2008

"Dang it" days and yucky peas

Check out this video of Ainsley refusing to eat peas. I think that it's pretty funny. The faces are great.

Hunter and Ainsley are not having the best day today. He has been disciplined a lot. For that matter, he has not had the best week. We have had a good last two months, but he sorta fell apart recently and has decided not obeying and arguing are a lot better. Today he did not want to nap. He got up every 10 minutes to grin at me around the corner and say "hi Mommy" very hopefully. He got disciplined and sent back to bed amidst much tears. Only to have him sneak back ten minutes later. This went on for about an hour until he decided discipline was no fun so he would just scream "Mommy!" from his room. I just let him scream and when the time came for him to get up, I went in and told him he still had five more minutes just for screaming at me. This sent him over the edge and he cried for a while. Five minutes later, I went to get him and he was almost asleep (figures). He told me he would just lay in there for "about two more hours, Mommy and then I will feel better...but I'm still awefully not sleepy." So about two minutes later, he was fine and got up. I guess minutes and hours are interchangeable. When he got up, he joined me outside and told me, "This is a dang-it day, Mommy." After telling him dang-it was a not a word he could use, I asked him why. "Because I just am having a hard time and keep getting flipped and popped Mommy." These two words are used for a pop on the hand when he needs more than a time-out. I asked him why he wasn't obeying today. "It's just a dang-it day Mommy." I just about laughed out loud when he said "dang-it day", but I had to keep a straight face to let him know that the word was not appropriate. Here is a picture of him pouting on his "dang-it day." He didn't want to show his face. But then of course, Daddy started playing with Ainsley and so jealousy got the better of him and he had to join in.

Yesterday was my "dang-it" day. I was trying to clean the whole house, and they were both crabby and wouldn't sleep at the same time, so there was always one up. I got the kitchen cleaned, the bathrooms scrubbed, and the house dusted and vacuumed. And I worked on it the whole day. You would think I would have gotten more done. The one time I was able to work uninterrupted was because Hunter was hiding evidence. I thought it was great that he was finally playing in his room by himself, until I went back to check on him. He had had an accident and was hiding the evidence and hoping I wouldn't notice. He had chucked the soiled clothes in the corner of the laundry room, "mopped" up his mess on the bathroom floor with one of my bath towels, and was in the process of putting on new ones when he was discovered. I don't know how he thought I wouldn't notice that his shorts were now sweatpants. He told me that he was trying to hide it and get new ones on before I noticed. Ewww! Now because of his "help", there was way more mess to clean up.

Hi, I'm ready for the water park.

Ready for the water park and eating lunch at the water park. We spend about two days a week there.

Outside on our front walk. Ainsley was having fun until I told her "No! Don't pull the petals off all of my flowers," and then she had to suck her thumb and hold on to her ear. Classic Ainsley. Thumb and ear whenever something the tiniest bit traumatic my happen to her.

Helping Daddy wash the car and getting soaked which was the main joy of the whole thing.

At the water park again. Ainsley is covered from head to toe in sunscreen and sunclothes. So is Hunter but I don't think the boy has ever had a sunburn in his life. He just tans really really well. He is really dark this summer, and he's had 50 spf on every day outside.

While I worked on the computer, Ainsley jumped around in this despite an older brother who couldn't leave her alone the whole time. Look at those chicken legs. Hunter tried to get in this "swing" when I told him not to, got stuck and was dangling by his feet upside down when I found him. I guess he learned the hard way.

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  1. That's funny with the peas! I haven't given pureed food to Luke in almost 3 months - he eats pretty much everything as the real deal now - including peas. :) Does she like peas when she can eat them herself, or not even then?