Jun 6, 2008

Family trip to Washington DC

Yep, that's the capitol building.
the whole family in front of the Smithsonian

This picture just makes me laugh when I look at Josh. Oh siblings.

We had a wonderful trip to Washington DC to spend with family. We saw a ton (we were soooo tired of walking by the end) and really enjoyed family. It was good to get away and be distracted right now. I still think about the one we lost everyday, but mostly at night when things get quiet. I loved being with all the siblings because there is such a fun dynamic when we all get together. With four, there is always someone to have fun with. And we are all good friends and really enjoy each other.
Hunter had a great time and he did very well. He thought that the Washington Monument was really cool. He called it "the tower" all week. When Aunt Christin explained who George Washington was, Hunter wanted to know, "how his body turned into that tower." He didn't quite get the idea of a memorial. He wanted to know how Abraham Lincoln died. Daddy just told him that "he got old." He got kinda tired "just looking at buildings all the time." So the next day we went to the Natural History and Air and Space Museum. I told him there were cool rocks there. He told me "I am so excited to go and climb on the rocks." I told him that we weren't going to climb them. Very disappointed he said, "Oh, so...we're just going to LOOK at rocks?" Like what's the point of that?! He did enjoy all the all the animals in there though (we skipped the rocks for his sake). The day we went to the National Zoo, he said he wasn't that interested. He told me, "we can just look at one giraffe and then go home, right?" He ended up loving it. But on the whole, he did a good job walking and riding in the stroller for five days in a row sightseeing. Ainsley did well too, and was content when she got to ride in the baby pack all day.

We celebrated Ainsley's first birthday there too. She wasn't so sure about the whole thing, but Hunter was excited about it. He really wanted to help make her cake, and I really didn't let him do much. So the next morning, when everyone was still sleeping, he ate the frosting off, and then told on himself. "I snnnnneaked out. When everyone was still sleeping. And I ate all the pink frosting. And it was deeeelicious!" In his mind, the cost of the punishment was worth the price of eating the cake.

The White House behind us.

Feeding the ducks in the reflecting pool

Hunter's favorite way to ride.

the National Zoo. This iguana is so big!

Playing with the gorilla through the glass

Air and Space Museum

Her butterfly cake
Happy Birthday to you!
What a mess!

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  1. Family vacation trip to Washington, it's just like a dream comes true.